What are target criteria?

What are target criteria?

The endpoint (or endpoint) is the protocol-specified metric that has the strongest predictive value for answering the main research question of a clinical trial. There are also combined end points, so that only one of several defined events has to occur for the end point to be reached.

What is a goal project management?

Project goal: The project goal includes the achievement of a desired state (performance goal) by a specific end date (time goal) with a specific use of resources (resource goal). Performance goals must be clearly formulated and their degree of attainment must be verifiable.

What is an outcome goal?

Outcome targets are usually more distant targets. They describe a certain end state, a result at a point in time X, which we strive for. However, they make no statement about which steps are necessary to achieve the goal.

What are process goals?

The same rule applies to process goals as to all goals in the company: be connected to the goals of the mission and the vision of the company. For him, the “quality of his products” and “customer satisfaction” are key strategic goals.

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