What are the 5 W questions?

What are the 5 W questions?

Five W: The right emergency number Where is the event? Who is calling? What happened? How many people affected? Waiting for further inquiries!

How do you answer the W questions?

W-Question: Where?) … Whether it is a short message, a report or a report, they all have to provide answers of different lengths to these seven questions: Who? – The one or the actors. What? – The event. When? – The time, where? – The place, how? – The process. Why? – The reasons, from where? – The source.

What are the 5 W questions for an emergency call?

Emergency report – The “5 W” – How to act correctly! Keep calm! Dial 112.Who is calling? WHERE did it happen? WHAT happened? HOW MANY people are involved / injured? WAIT for questions!

What does 5 Ws mean?

The rapid alerting of the rescue organizations is an important part of first aid. The emergency call then goes to the responsible rescue control center. Or: 110 The emergency call then goes to the nearest police control center and from there it is passed on to the rescue service.

Which question words are there?

W-WortTypArtW-Question wordPronomenapersonal (object) what, which adverb causal why, why, why, how modal how, how far, how much modal, instrumental for what, for what, with what, by what, what, what about, where, from what, from what 7

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