What are the advantages of cell phones in school? What are the advantages of cell phones in school?

What are the advantages of cellphones in school?

Further counter-arguments for a mobile phone at school: ✖ Sources: If the use of a mobile phone is allowed, the internet is used as the only source. Thus, the correct handling of other sources is never learned. ✖ Disadvantage: If a student does not own a smartphone, they are severely disadvantaged.

Is it useful to have a cell phone in school?

What speaks in favor of mobile phones is that they can be a good helper in learning. That’s what teachers who like to use smartphones in the classroom say. If you use your smartphone for lessons, you will get to know other possibilities of your cell phone. Dealing with digital devices can be useful, say experts.

Why shouldn’t cell phones be used in school?

Among other things, it is forbidden at our school, since the pupils could take pictures of their comrades and use them against their will for other activities than just looking at them. That is why we are obliged at our school to take away the cellphones from the students who use them.

What are the advantages of cellphones in school?

Contra mobile phone use in schools – what opponents say about smartphones So-called helicopter parents are put a stop to. The children can only concentrate on school. Potential (cyber)bullying via WhatsApp groups or hate online is prevented during class time.

Should cell phones be used in class?

Unlike computer lab classes, cell phones can be used to quickly and easily complete a task. + Media competence is taught. The students learn to question sources and to handle their data sensitively. + Lessons become more varied.

Why did the cell phone catch fire at school?

A culture war has broken out over smartphones in schools. France will introduce a legal ban on cellphones in schools from autumn. In Germany, too, there has been a controversial debate for years about whether a ban makes sense or whether it is old-fashioned and inappropriate.

What are the pro arguments for banning cellphones in schools?

Pro-arguments for the ban on cell phones in schools One of the pro-arguments for a cell phone ban is that cell phones, when they ring and are used to make calls and play games, disrupt the classroom significantly. Students are distracted from class and class has to be restarted again.

What about cellphone bans in schools?

Because a mobile phone ban in schools completely ignores reality. In Germany, education is known to be a state matter. As a result, smartphone use in schools is regulated differently from state to state. Bavaria is the hardliner here: since 2006, there has been a ban on mobile phones in schools in Bavaria.

How is cell phone use at school?

The use of mobile phones at school also offers the possibility of being able to access digital media conveniently from your desk. The teacher could draw your attention to an instructive YouTube video or research relevant topics on the Internet together with you.

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