What are the causes of learning disabilities?

What are the causes of learning disabilities?

Causes. Learning disabilities can be hereditary or a side effect of diseases such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome or AD(H)D. Brain damage, such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury, can subsequently lead to a learning disability, even in adulthood.

What is a general learning disability?

A learning disorder is a developmental disorder that is colloquially referred to as a learning disability. Affected children with sufficient intelligence have deficits in writing, reading or arithmetic compared to their peers. Common learning disorders include dyslexia and

What are learning disabilities?

There are different forms and characteristics of learning disabilities. The most common are dyslexia (LSR) and dyscalculia. But ADHD or dyspraxia can also reduce learning success. Dyslexia (LSR) is particularly widespread.

How does a learning disability manifest itself?

However, the term learning disability is usually used when the focus is often on weaknesses in memory or concentration. In many cases, the affected children also find it difficult to recognize regularities and transfer them to similar tasks.

What is the difference between learning disabilities and learning disabilities?

The two terms learning disorder and learning disability are often used interchangeably. While the focus of the problem in the case of the learning disorder is more on a specific area of ​​learning that needs to be narrowed down (e.g. dyscalculia), the learning disability is to be seen as a further developed form of the learning disorder.

How do I know if I have a learning disability?

A learning disability/difficulty becomes noticeable, for example, through difficulties in learning situations, an early reluctance to read, problems dealing with numbers or if similar sounds such as O and U are often confused. This indicates a learning disability.

How do I find out if I have a math weakness?

How do you recognize a dyscalculia? There is a well-founded suspicion of arithmetic weaknesses if at least one of the following six criteria is met: Difficulty understanding the basics of mathematics (numbers and quantities, basic arithmetic, place value system) Counting instead of arithmetic.

Who diagnoses a learning disability?

Such tests can be carried out by the child psychologist or by appropriate counseling centres. An early diagnosis of a learning disability is crucial in order to promote your child in a targeted manner. Learning disabilities represent an additional burden for children in everyday school life.

How do I get dyscalculia tested?

If dyscalculia is suspected, a full intelligence quotient (IQ) test must be performed. By definition, the IQ of 100 is the average achieved by the comparison group. If a child has an IQ below 100, it is below average.

How can you treat dyscalculia?

Can dyscalculia be treated? A dyscalculia cannot be cured. However, if left untreated, the problems will continue to increase and secondary diseases may develop. Therapy and special support are advisable in any case.

How can you identify dyslexia?

with the class teacher – visit a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy to confirm the diagnosis. Basically, in the case of dyslexia, a well-founded diagnosis according to a so-called multiaxial diagnosis scheme with 6 axes is only possible from school days.

Is dyscalculia curable?

This disorder is not actually curable. Those affected are likely to have more difficulty with the task at hand than others.

Is dyscalculia a recognized disease?

Dyscalculia is internationally recognized as a mental illness based on the assessment of the WHO.

Is dyscalculia hereditary?

Studies involving families and twins also suggest that some degree of dyscalculia is heritable. Around 45 percent of those affected have relatives with learning disabilities. However, a specific gene that could be responsible for the disorder has not been identified.

Is dyscalculia considered at school?

Regulations in Bavaria “For dyscalculia there are no regulations for compensation for disadvantages analogous to the provisions for reading and spelling difficulties. There is no compensation for disadvantages or grade protection for children with particular difficulties in learning basic mathematical skills (cf.

How is LRS considered at school?

Compensation for disadvantages of dyslexia: grade protection Pupils with dyslexia that have been determined by an expert can be exempted from taking part in written performance surveys, which only serve to determine spelling skills.

Is the compensation for disadvantages noted in the certificate?

Unlike the grade protection, this is not considered a privilege. Rather, compensation for disadvantages is intended to ensure that all students have comparable opportunities to perform well. Accordingly, the certificate must not indicate that compensation for disadvantages has been granted.

What is disadvantage compensation in school?

Compensation for disadvantages is intended to help ensure that these students do not suffer any disadvantages compared to other classmates in the classroom or in the assessment of performance due to their impairments. What that means in concrete terms depends heavily on the individual situation or

Who gets disadvantage compensation?

Compensation for disadvantages can be granted in all types of schools. The application of a legal guardian or the recommendation of the supervising teacher is necessary. The jointly determined compensation for disadvantages is binding for the agreed period and must be taken into account by all teachers.

Where can I get disadvantage compensation?

Applying for and granting compensation for disadvantages in examinations and final theses are usually carried out as an administrative act. Students submit the application for compensation for disadvantages in writing to the examination board or examination office or other bodies designated for this purpose.

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