What are the characteristics of a police officer?

What are the characteristics of a police officer?

Police Requirements – Important PropertiesPolice Requirements – Important Properties. Sense of responsibility. Ability to work in a team – police officers are team players. Flexibility. Empathy. Communication skills. Confident demeanor. Appearance.

How dangerous is it with the police?

Police officers in Germany live dangerously. According to a study, since 1985 the risk of police officers being killed on duty has increased. 58 police officers have been killed on duty nationwide since 1985, eight in 2000 alone.

How much free time do you have as a police officer?

Police officers have just as much vacation as everyone else and, because of their excess, they are often off duty for a few days at a time. Sure, on some weekends there are public holidays. But not always. But then you have some time off on other days.

Which is better federal police or police?

2 answers The difference between the federal and state police is not about better or worse. The difference is, of course, the local area of ​​responsibility, but more important are the different tasks (material area of ​​responsibility).

What is the difference between a federal police force and the normal police force?

Hello Michael, the first difference between the Federal Police and the State Police is that: the Federal Police is a federal authority and has its offices everywhere in Germany and. the state police only have offices within their federal state.

What does a police officer earn in the federal police?

For example, if you work in the middle police force of the state police, the starting salary is between 22 euros. At the Federal Police, your remuneration in the middle-class is around 2500 euros gross.

How much do you earn in the Federal Police?

In level 1 your basic salary is € 2,500, in level 8 it is € 3,200. As a police chief, you are in grade A8. In level 1 your basic salary is € 2,600, in level 8 it is € 3,500. As a police chief, you are in grade A9.

How much does a federal policeman earn net?

Result: Of 2688 euros gross per month, you have 2243 euros net left over. For a normal employee it would be just under 1747 euros. It is important to note that all these figures only apply to North Rhine-Westphalia. Most police officers in Germany earn less.

How much does a federal police officer earn in middle service?

Middle service As a police officer in grade A7, you can earn between 2,365.47 euros and 2,984.14 euros. In salary group A8, amounts between 2,502.43 euros and 3,240.35 euros can be earned.

How much does the Federal Police earn net?

Federal police officers earn around 200 to 300 euros more net. The colleagues from the senior service at the criminal police start as police superintendent and initially earn between 2,100 and just over 2,650 euros net in the federal state, depending on the federal state.

How much do you earn at the SEK?

Salary range: SEK civil servant in Germany € 55,746 € 4,496 gross salary (median) for 40 hours per week: 50% of the data sets are above this value and 50% below. Calculation: 787 data records from people who work in this profession (regardless of professional experience, personnel responsibility, etc.).

What does a superintendent earn net?

The 4,000 euros net, as a chief inspector, can neither be achieved with tax class III nor with tax class IV; at least not without child allowances. Fewer. Main commissioners are paid according to A11 or A12, senior commissioners according to A10. Civil servants are paid according to a fixed salary.

How much do you earn in the Federal Police in the senior service?

€ 1,220 gross, your colleagues from the higher-level service around € 1,270 gross. After completing your training, you earn around € 2,440 as a police officer, and around € 2,780 as a police superintendent.

What do you do in the Federal Police in the senior service?

As a law enforcement officer in the federal police force in the senior service, you have more responsibility than in the middle service, because you take on managerial and managerial tasks. Instead of belonging to task forces and investigation groups, you lead them and are therefore responsible for up to 30 officers.

What do you do with the police in high service?

High-level police officers in the area of ​​the protection police lead their subordinate forces during operations, especially when patrolling or monitoring traffic, train police officers and work in administration or as specialist teachers.

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