What are the duties of the police explained to children?

What are the duties of the police explained to children?

Their main task is to protect people and to ensure order and security. You can also say: They watch out for someone doing something that is forbidden. Otherwise, they intervene with reprimands, fines, or reporting to a court.

How much does a first police commissioner earn?

Career and salary in senior serviceDescriptionAbbreviationSalaryPolice CommissionerPKA 9Police High CommissionerPOKA 10Police Chief CommissionerPHKA 11 / A 12First Police Chief CommissionerEPHKA 131 more row•

How much does a Chief Inspector earn?

Salary as chief inspectorOccupationMonthly gross salary€2,800.00Annual gross salaryHow much net?

What is the grade of a chief commissioner?

Chief inspectors of the police are assigned to the salary brackets (BesGr) A 11 or A 12. The promotion to Chief Inspector A 11 is the second promotion office in the career of the senior police service.

What is higher Oberkommissar or Hauptkommissar?

The official titles in the Federal Police The career in the middle service then begins with the police master and leads to the police chief with official allowance. In the higher service, it continues with the police commissioner, the highest office is the first police chief commissioner.

How much pension does a chief inspector get?

The BILD pension atlas Who gets the most, who gets the least?Official titleRemuneration currentMaximum pension*Criminal Chief Inspector, Chief Sea Captain, Police Chief Inspector, Major, Pastor, Medical Officer•

What is the pension for police officers?

Civil servants are on a completely different level: according to the federal government’s pension report, they received an average pension of 2,940 euros in 2015. For top civil servants, the average pension is 4370 euros. Only 1.2 percent of retired civil servants have less than 1,000 euros a month at their disposal.

What is the pension at a11?

There, for example, a postal worker who was assigned to salary group A11 in the higher service receives a gross pension of 3,200 euros in the best case (level 8).

What is the highest ASVG pension 2020?

In old law, a maximum of 91 percent of the assessment basis can be achieved in 2020. A maximum increase of 12.6 percent of the benefit is planned for pension account holders.

What is the maximum pension?

With an assessment period of 360 months, the maximum assessment basis for the pension in Austria is currently EUR 4,252.67 (value for 2018). However, since only 80 percent of this amount is paid out, this results in a maximum pension of EUR 3,402.14 (gross; 14 x per year).

What is a good pension?

For the almost 883,600 pension recipients who received a regular old-age pension, the average amount was 921 euros. Around 33,200 men received an old-age pension for long-term insured persons – with an average amount of 2,255 euros – and around 34,200 women with an average amount of 1,501 euros.

What is the maximum pension?

The highest ASVG pension is currently 3226 euros gross. However, it must also be said that the higher pensions are subject to a special tax and, in some cases, higher pension contributions were also due.

What is the minimum pension in Austria in 2020?

The minimum pensions will also be increased by 3.6 percent. For single people, the compensatory allowance increases by EUR 33.59 to EUR 966.65 (if they do not have at least 30 years of insurance). In the future, there will be a compensatory allowance of EUR 1,472 for married couples (previously EUR 1,398.97).

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