What are the methods?

What are the methods?

Teaching principles are general ideas about teaching that can be implemented in different processes: Dialogue learning, Differentiation, Discovery learning, Multi-dimensional learning, Holism, Action orientation, Inclusion, Cooperative learning.

What is a plenary session in the school?

Mixed forms occur when the students are free to choose between individual and partner work, which can be useful, for example, when working on tasks in mathematics lessons. The plenum is a special form. Plenum means general assembly. These professionals are high school students or small groups of students.

What types of work are there?

Today’s world of work creates new forms of work. Project work, teamwork, virtual teams, teleworking, working abroad and temporary work, interim management are now part of normal working life. They place high demands on the people affected in terms of flexibility and mobility.

What does group work promote?

Advantages of group work: The social learning effect, especially the increase in the ability to work in a team, is very large. The communication skills of the individual are promoted. Group work offers good opportunities to encourage students to support one another in learning and working.

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