What are the most important decision criteria for you for a job?

What are the most important decision criteria for you for a job?

However, the following 20 criteria should always play a role in the decision for or against a job! 1.) The industry. 2.) The company size and the company structure. 3.) The reputation of the employer. 4.) The corporate culture. 5.) The equipment of the company. 6.) The salary. 7.) 8.) More entries…•

What is particularly important to applicants when choosing an employer?

Of the hard factors that are least important when choosing an employer are the social benefits offered by the future employer (43.9 percent), the quality of the infrastructure at the workplace (39.8 percent) and the internationality of the company (31 percent).

What is important when choosing a career?

When choosing a career, it is important that you know where your personal interests and skills lie. Each job has different requirements. In yet other professions, a combination of several skills and talents is required.

What can companies do to be attractive employers?

10 characteristics of attractive employersSecure jobs. A secure job is what every worker desires most. Communication. regular contact. Self-determined work. career opportunities. A fair salary. work-life balance. A common mission.

What makes a good employer?

An attractive employer conveys the corporate goals to its employees in a comprehensible and transparent manner. Targeted talent management is relevant for employees when choosing an employer. Top employers enable employees to act independently and recognize outstanding performance.

What values ​​are important in the workplace?

Credibility, transparency and honesty of your own company. Credibility and honesty are not only personal values, but also important values ​​in the workplace of every employee.

What do I want to be profession test?

With the career choice test (BWT) you can find out how well you are suited for your dream job. You cannot take the test online. Ask your careers advice service, they can register you for the test with the Occupational Psychology Service.

Which professions are in demand?

Professions with a future in the social sector Pharmacist. optometrist. Educator. nanny. Dual degree in social work. Plant Mechanic. aircraft mechanic. industrial technologist. Electronic devices and systems. Specialist Application Development. Brewer. dietitian. Railwayman. Specialist – Warehouse Logistics.

Which retraining is right for me?

In addition to the retraining overview from Ratgeber Umschulung, the agency for employment or the job center is a first point of contact. There you can find out about regional and national offers. The online course finder of the employment agency also offers initial orientation.

Which degree suits me best?

Which course suits me? The free online study choice test from will help you to find the course that suits your strengths and interests. Within 10 minutes, the test calculates which subjects are suitable for you based on your inclinations and abilities.

Is a degree right for me?

The only important thing is to know where your own path should go and that some professions require certain qualifications. If you want to get started right away, you should do an apprenticeship. On the other hand, if you still need a few years and internships to find your way around, you are better off studying.

How do I find the right course for me?

There are a few things you can do to find the right course of study for you: Ask the right questions. Take a course selection test. Get an overview. Visit study and training fairs. Get a taste of university life.

What does studying mean to me?

The word study comes from the Latin word studere and means “to strive for something, to do something eagerly, to deal with something scientifically”. In addition to the formal requirements, completing a degree requires a lot of personal initiative.

Am I suitable for an engineering degree?

You don’t necessarily need a high school diploma or a technical college entrance qualification if you have an education and ideally a little work experience in a related field. But to truly call yourself an engineer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree from college.

What kind of average does it take to become an engineer?

In order to be able to start an engineering bachelor’s degree at a university, you must have your high school diploma. The Fachabitur (including the practical part) is sufficient for studying at a university of applied sciences.

What kind of Abitur average do you need to study engineering?

You should unofficially have at least a ~2 in mathematics and at least some basic knowledge in physics and computer science. At some universities you don’t need an NC for mechanical engineering, but the course is said to be very difficult for some.

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