What are the most popular courses?

What are the most popular courses?

UNICHECK introduces you to the most popular courses and suitable alternatives. Business administration. German studies. Mechanical engineering. Medicine. Computer science. Law. Industrial engineering. Education. More entries…•

What is a degree worth?

Studying costs a lot of time and money. But further training also costs money: an average of 30,000 euros for accommodation, books, food, without tuition fees. The German Ifo Institute calculated this.

What’s the bachelor’s worth?

“Bachelor’s graduates earn an average of 45,875 euros gross annually in the first three years after graduation, master’s graduates 54,137 euros,” says Artur Jagiello, spokesman for the compensation consultancy Compensation Partner.

Is studying better than training?

Apprenticeship or study – what is right for you? Deciding between training and studying is not easy. While a degree generally offers you better career prospects, an apprenticeship will make you financially independent more quickly.

Why should I do an apprenticeship?

If you do dual training, your chances of subsequent employment in the training company are very high, because around two thirds of the trainees are taken on by their training company. There is no need for a job search or application process, and you can start your professional life straight away.

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