What are the responsibilities of educators?

What are the responsibilities of educators?

Educators observe the behavior and well-being of children, adolescents and young adults, look after and encourage them, analyze the results according to pedagogical principles and assess, for example, the level of development, motivation or social behavior.

What do you learn in teacher training?

In the vocational school or a technical school you will be given all the necessary tools that you will need in your practice as an educator. There is a general education part in which, for example, the subjects German, politics, religion/ethics and a foreign language are taught.

How does the training to become a teacher work?

The “classic” full-time teacher training at a vocational school usually lasts 2 years, in many federal states you then complete a one-year internship, the so-called recognition year. You have completed the teacher training with this common model in 3 years.

What must a teacher be able to do?

A lot of empathy, not only towards the children but also towards the parents. You have to be able to be patient, appreciate every child and respond to each individual sensitively and in a needs-oriented manner. You also have to put your heart into it. You notice that an educator enjoys and believes in their job.

Can you become a teacher with a high school diploma?

Answer: You cannot become an educator with a high school diploma alone. But don’t worry – there are many ways! In some federal states, eg Lower Saxony, you would have to train as a social assistant after you have completed secondary school, after which you could then become an educator.

What can I do with a high school diploma for an apprenticeship?

For all occupations in the top 10, at least 2 out of 3 trainees had a secondary school diploma. Painter and varnisher. Specialist salesman in the food trade. Building cleaner. Butcher. Baker.

Can you become an educator with a high school diploma?

What qualifications should I have for training as an educator? You have the best chance of getting an apprenticeship with a high school diploma. You should also have good grades in German, art, music and psychology/ethics.

What professions are there in the social sector with a secondary school leaving certificate?

Social professions with secondary school qualifications / children and young people village helper more info. Home and family nurse more info. Housekeeper more info. Remedial education nursing assistant more info /in more info.

How much can you earn with a high school diploma?

There are many professions where you can earn even more and which by law do not have a school-leaving certificate. You only have to find the companies, many only take from middle school, but you can also earn 2000 euros with the secondary school leaving certificate. Of course more difficult than with a better degree but possible.

Where do you earn the most with a high school diploma?

On average, sales representatives (EUR 46,320) and site managers (EUR 46,199) earn almost as much. Employees in technical customer service (EUR 40,977), foremen (EUR 39,160) and branch managers in retail (EUR 33,882) follow at a considerable distance.

Is a high school diploma good?

A good to very good secondary school leaving certificate is of course always best. Your performance in the subjects German and mathematics is particularly important for many companies.

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