What are the stories?

What are the stories?

Fable. A fable is a short story with an instructive purpose. short story. The short story is a very new form of epic and is derived from the English “short story”. Fairy tale. Parabola. Novel. Satire. Saying.

What is epic?

The epic is one of the three major genres of literature, alongside poetry and drama, and includes narrative literature in verse or prose form. The epic is a collective term for any kind of narrative poetry; this is often referred to as narrative poetry.

What is the dramatic element?

Elements of a dramatic action are subject and theme, role, character, composition and plot, person. The stuff for a dramatic action, the raw material that the poet finds in nature, history, or art, and which inspires a work, can be of many kinds.

What is the epic element?

Texts are referred to as epic if they belong to the literary genre of epic and, in addition, elements that appear in other genres but are actually characteristic of epic: there are therefore narrative elements in such a text, such as in the poetic form of the ballad , the …

What is a lyrical element?

Ballad texts contain lyrical elements and are usually long poems. They often consist of stanzas, verses and sometimes rhymes. The stanzas often follow a fixed meter.

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