What are the tertiary colors?

What are the tertiary colors?

Color wheel according to Itten three basic colors. Blue. Yellow. Red. Three secondary colors, which result from the mixture of the three primary colors: green (yellow + blue) violet (blue + red) orange (red + yellow) the tertiary colors, which result from the mixture of a secondary color with a basic color: blue-green. Blue violet. Purple. Orange red.

Which colors go best together?

Colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel also go well with each other. The nuances create a fine harmony. Examples are: red and orange, blue and green, green and yellow. In addition, warm colors should be combined with warm colors and cool colors with cool colors.

Which color goes well with turmeric?

As part of the Indian world of spices, turmeric, together with curry, forms the typical color base … As soul food for your four walls, turmeric is particularly fabulous in combination with these stylish colors: bright chili red, warm mustard yellow, soft cinnamon brown, cool petrol.

What color goes with vanilla?

In addition to white and off-white tones, light beige, cream and vanilla as well as delicate green and light gray nuances are suitable as combination colors.

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