What are theses and arguments?

What are theses and arguments?

What is an argument? An argument is a statement that supports or tries to refute the truth of the thesis to be discussed. A pro-argument explains why the thesis is correct. A contra argument explains why the thesis is wrong and the opposite is true.

How do you explain a thesis?

In the discussion you argue in writing. An assertion or claim (thesis) is justified with arguments and facts and proven with examples (including evidence or quotations). In a linear discussion, one speaks only for one thing or against one thing.

How do you learn to argue well?

Taking into account the following 10 tips & tricks, you will be able to convince with your arguments: Argumentation tip 1: Make the topic relevant. Argumentation tip 2: The thesis must be clear and precise. Argumentation tip 3: Justify the thesis with facts.

What do I need to argue well?

Good arguments (argument = evidence, reason) support us in this. Persuasiveness is not magic here, but depends on the quality of the argument. Every argument consists of an assertion or call to action and one or more arguments.

How can you have a discussion?

Lead a discussion – the best tips This includes a clearly defined position of your own, but also the consideration of other perspectives. During the discussion, you should explain your own point of view and explain it well. Jumps between topics are counterproductive.

How does a discussion work?

A discussion is a conversation (also dialogue) between two or more people (discussants), in which a certain topic is examined (discussed), with each side presenting their arguments. As such, it is part of interpersonal communication.

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