What are theses and arguments?

What are theses and arguments?

What is an argument? An argument is a statement that supports or tries to refute the truth of the thesis to be discussed. A pro-argument explains why the thesis is correct. A contra argument explains why the thesis is wrong and the opposite is true.

How do you write a good thesis?

How do I formulate a good thesis? Theses should be understandable on their own. Precise formulations. No value. As simple and universal as possible. Separation between assertion and justification. Factual reasoning. Generality. No evidence, quotations or references.

How do you write a High School Discussion?

In a dialectical or linear discussion, the first thing to do is to brainstorm and write down whatever arguments you can think of. In the next step you can sort them out and sort them according to importance. You can also write down justifications or ideas for examples in key words.

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