What are Timeshare Contracts and Their Types? 

Timeshare is shared ownership of a vacation property in which the property usage is allotted to multiple buyers. The timeshare model is used for various types of properties, such as apartments, campgrounds, and vacation resorts.  


Timesharing is a type of fractional ownership where buyers buy the right to occupy a property for a specific time. Timesharing properties include homes, resorts, and condominiums, and this model can also be applied to recreational vehicles and private airplanes.  


The primary benefits of a timeshare include spending vacation in a professionally managed property. The timeshare group offers different types of timeshare real estate, including apartments, condominiums, and holiday resorts. However, buyers should do some research and check the review of a company like a timeshare freedom group reviews before purchasing a timeshare. Here are the basic types of timeshare contracts you need to know. 


How does it work? 


A timeshare contract confers upon the buyer the yearly use of a vacation real estate for a specified time that is usually measured in one-week increments.  


Types of timeshare contracts 


There are general timeshare contracts and ownerships from deeded to right to use to leasehold ownerships that we will mention in this list.  




A timeshare with a deeded week means that the owner receives a deed for their week and owns it. In real estate jargon, it is frequently referred to as fee simple. Since it is a deeded week, the owner has the choice to sell, rent, or donate their timeshare if they so want. When timeshares first emerged, deeded week timeshares were the most prevalent. These types of timeshares are still offered, although many businesses now choose flexibility over deeded weeks. 


Right to use 


Timeshares with a right to use do not include a deed but a contract outlining the length of the owner’s right to use the timeshare. Most right-to-use leases expire after 30 to 99 years, depending on the original agreement’s terms. Owners can still resell their ownership to another party on the secondary market. 




A leasehold timeshare has a set expiration date and is not owned indefinitely. However, they enjoy the same privileges and rights as regular timeshares. The most well-known example of a leasehold timeshare is Disney Vacation Club. 


Some Subtypes of Timeshare 


In addition to the primary types, there are different subtypes of timeshares. The types mentioned above are what you can own, and the subtypes within the main types of timeshares below. 


Timesharing based on points 


The points-based timeshare is currently the most well-liked (and prevalent) type of timeshare. An owner will buy a timeshare in the form of points for their own resort. The owner’s home resort can then be booked with the points, or they can be traded in for stays at other resorts in the brand’s network.  


Biennial Timeshare 


A timeshare with biannual usage rights offers usage privileges every other year. By the year they can be utilized, odd-year and even-year biennial timeshares are distinguished from one another. These can be fantastic for vacationers who only want to timeshare every other year. 


Floating Week  


With a floating week timeshare, the purchaser has complete access to the property for one or more weeks during a set timeframe or even the entire year. The “floating week” is more flexible than the fixed week system, although it may not be available at the busiest seasons of the year and may need to be scheduled far in advance to guarantee availability. 


Fixed Week 


With a fixed-week timeshare, the purchaser is granted the right to use the property solely for one or more specified weeks each year. While the main benefit of this arrangement is that the buyer may schedule an annual vacation at the same time each year, the downside is that it might be quite challenging to move the fixed week to a different period if necessary. 


One should check the reviews and testimonials of a company before buying a timeshare. The Timeshare Freedom group reviews allow you to check the pros and cons of buying from Timeshare Freedom.  




These were the different types and subtypes of timeshare contracts. However, it is best to do some research on these types and subtypes to know which of them best suits your requirements. Also, researching the companies offering timeshare contracts allow you to find the best firm from which you should buy a timeshare.


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