What are trustworthy sources?

What are trustworthy sources?

Indicators of a trustworthy source are, for example, if you already know the name of the company / the website or if it comes from a well-known newspaper such as the New York Times.

What does insecure connection mean?

“This connection is not secure” means that Google Chrome cannot load the desired website with a secure method for the time being due to an unknown / expired SSL certificate or an insecure connection between the PC and the server.

What to do if This is not a secure connection?

Solution: This is not a secure connection Click on Advanced and select Continue anyway (does not work on all websites). Open an incognito window in your browser and try to open the website (Instructions: Chrome, Firefox). Delete your cookies and try try another browser like Firefox.

What does secure connection failed?

Secure connections are used when you try to connect your browser to a website that uses https encryption. In most cases, this error message prevents you from accessing the website you want.

What does insecure connection mean?

Basically, this warning means that data that you maliciously provide on this website is not secured by a protocol. This protocol is called HTTPS (also called SSL encryption) and protects sensitive user data from being accessed by third parties.

What does problems with the security certificate mean?

The security certificate for this website was not issued by a trusted certification authority. The security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to trick you or intercept data you have sent to the server.

What does SSL error mean?

SSL connection error on the Android device Here, too, Android automatically blocks the connection to the link and makes it impossible for you to access the website.

What is an SSL connection?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the security technology standard for creating an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. It ensures that the data transferred between two systems, for example a user and a website, remains private.

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