What are very good IT skills?

What are very good IT skills?

The following IT skills (if available) are often stated in the application: Microsoft Office programs: Word processing (Word), presentation (Powerpoint), spreadsheet (Excel) Image processing and graphics program: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. E-mail programs: Outlook, Thunderbird, GIMP.

What does MS Office knowledge include?

Provide specific information about your knowledge. Simply writing “MS Office” does not tell you which programs you have mastered how well. Be specific and write, for example, “Microsoft PowerPoint” or “Microsoft Excel” and evaluate your skills separately in each program.

What does MS Office include?

The Office suite consists of the applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher. You have different options to purchase this package. Microsoft offers a subscription with Office 365. A free Microsoft account is required to use MS Office.

What does well-founded MS Office mean?

Most employers require knowledge of these four MS Office products. That means, you should know the programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint and be able to handle communication via Outlook. How in-depth the office knowledge should be depends on the company and the advertised position.

What does in-depth knowledge mean?

The specialist knowledge includes the in-depth knowledge that you have acquired in training, in your studies, in everyday working life or in self-study (learning by doing).

What is meant by in-depth knowledge?

“In-depth knowledge”, however, means that you should have already worked on the topic, for example in your thesis, “Experience … desirable”, good if you bring it with you.

What is meant by specialist knowledge?

Under professional competence or technical competence (also: competence, technical knowledge, technical knowledge, technical knowledge, technical knowledge, English hard skill) one understands the ability of workers to deal independently and responsibly with typical occupational tasks and circumstances according to the theoretical job descriptions …

What are knowledge and skills?

“Knowledge is understood to mean what a person or society as a whole knows and uses. Many human activities require specific knowledge, experience and skills. Knowledge includes information, descriptions thereof, or skills acquired through experience or training. “

What does basic knowledge mean in a résumé?

“School knowledge” or “basic knowledge” “Good knowledge” (possibly with the addition “in word and writing”) “Very good knowledge” or “Fluent” (possibly with the addition “in word and writing”) “Business fluent”

Where does the driver’s license go on the résumé?

Anyone who has a license to drive a car should write this on their résumé. The right place in the application forms is at the end of the résumé directly in the “Personal skills” section, which also includes computer and foreign language skills.

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