What are your salary expectations?

What are your salary expectations?

Formulations for a salary range “My salary expectations are between 45,710 and 49,290 euros per year. “Based on my professional training, I imagine a salary between 41,280 and 44,090 euros a year. ““ I think a gross annual salary of between EUR 44,280 and EUR 47,550 is appropriate.

How do I ask for a raise?

The ten best tips for your salary interview Separate the factual from the relational level. Don’t talk about a raise. Determine your market value. Set a target salary. Your secret weapon in the negotiation. React to outbursts of anger in a relaxed manner.

Is a raise compulsory?

Basically there is no right to a raise. “Employers can arrange employee salaries individually,” explains Barbara Geck, lawyer at the international law firm Bird & Bird. “Employers can agree on employee salaries individually.

When should you ask about a wage increase?

For 17% of managers, success is the top argument for a raise. They advise their employees not to ask for more salary until they have successfully completed a project. When you are negotiating your raise, these arguments are a good way to convince the manager.

What’s the best way to ask about a wage increase?

Make an appointment with your boss and ask him for time to talk. If he asks you what it is about, you can say that you want to talk to him in peace about your work and the related framework conditions.

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