What areas are there in computer science?

What areas are there in computer science?

Related professions for computer scientists are, for example: Network administrator.Mobile developer.IT specialist.IT clerk.Game designer.IT consultant/IT consultant.IT system clerk.Software developer.More entries…

What do you need to do an IT degree?

In order to be able to take up a career as a computer scientist, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree, either from a college or university. The bachelor’s degree can be obtained after three to four years.

Which university is good for computer science?

Study computer science: The best universities and collegesThe RWTH Aachen.The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology KIT.The TU Munich/Garching.The H. Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam (private)The University of Saarland in Saarbrücken.The University of Bamberg.The TU Darmstadt.The University of Jena.More entries…•

What computer science courses are there?

Computer Science & ITApplied Computer Science.Bioinformatics.Computational Engineering.Computer Science.Computational Linguistics.Computational Visualistics.Data Science.Digital Engineering.

Does computer science have an NC?

Only a few universities and colleges in Germany require an NC for studying computer science. During this time, you could try to do internships, which can also have a positive effect on the NC in computer science.

What is the NC for law

This is mainly due to the excellent job prospects. For this reason, many universities have admission restrictions. You can expect a numerus clausus (NC) of about 1.8 to study law.

What is the NC for medicine?

The high school graduation rate (30 percent)Federal StateHuman MedicineDentistryBavaria1,01,2Berlin1,01,3Brandenburg1,01,1Bremen1,01,012

What does a developer earn?

Software developers earn an average of 63,262 euros a year. With a bachelor’s degree, you can expect a starting salary of 42,000 euros. With a master’s degree, the starting salary is around 47,000 euros.

How much does a Software Developer make?

Company location and company size influence the salaryFederal stateSalary range of an average monthly salary for software developers (in euros)Bavaria2,860 – 5,363 €Berlin2,392 – 4,767 €Brandenburg2,602 – 4,894 €Bremen2,873 – 5,125 €12 •

Where do you make the most money as a software developer?

A software developer in the US earns an average of $106,816. The average software developer salary in Switzerland is lower than in the US at $88,773. The average salary for software developers in Germany is between EUR 43,016 and EUR 60,229 per year.

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