What belongs in a book presentation?

What belongs in a book presentation?

As the main part of your book presentation, present the plot of your book in the form of a synopsis. Who is it about? Where and when does the event take place? What is it about? How is the story told? What do you particularly like about the book? What don’t you like about the book? How to read the book

What characterizes a novel?

A novel is a literary genre described as a long-form narrative, or long-form narrative. This means that novels contain complex storylines and entangled character constellations.

What is the difference between a novel and a novella?

A novella (Latin novus ‘new’, Italian novella ‘news’) is a shorter story (see also short epic) in prose form. Novel and novela denote a novel, not a novella. The prose form known in German as a novella is called novella or novelette in English and novela corta in Spanish.

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