What belongs in a CV?

What belongs in a CV?

The résumé or a CV (curriculum vitae) is at the core of every application … The CV does not include: Name and occupation of parents, information on (spouse) partner, religious affiliation, hobbies without reference to professional activity, party or trade union affiliation. Health status.

How do I write a CV in English?

CV English structure staff details. The personal information includes your name, address, telephone number and email address. Personal Profile / Summary. There are two to three lines about yourself. Objective. Professional / Work Experience. Education. Skills. Engagement / Activities / Interests. References.

How do you write a CV in English?

CV is the English abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae. In American English, by the way, the same resume is called.

What does CV mean in English?

In British English (BE), a curriculum vitae is called curriculum vitae or CV for short. In American English (AE), the résumé is translated as resumé. As in German, the résumé provides information about your personal data.

What should a CV look like?

The actual main part of the résumé is the table of your professional stations. In the first place, it directly follows your personal data. The presentation must be clear and consistently show all stations in a structured manner so that they can be grasped quickly for the reader.

What should a résumé be like?

Personal information in the résumé: When writing a résumé, you should start with your full name, date and place of birth, marital status (single or married), your address and contact information – usually your telephone number and email address.

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