What belongs in a factual text analysis?

What belongs in a factual text analysis?

The factual text analysis is a form of text analysis …. The introductionTitle.Name of the author.Year of publication.Type of text.Topic of the factual text (in 1 or 2 sentences) (chronological order of the factual text) (summary of the core statement)

How do you start with an analysis?

Introduction of the text analysis Title of the text. Name of the author (who did the text come from?) Date of origin (When was the text written? → literary epochs) Type of text (commentary, essay, poem, letter, etc.) What does the text want? (→ interpretation hypothesis)

What is a class 7 factual text?

Factual texts inform the reader about things, people or events and are primarily used to convey facts and information. The type of factual text includes, for example, lexicon articles, articles from specialist journals and non-fiction books, but also laws and reports.

What do I write in the introduction, main part and conclusion?

Introduction, main part and conclusion? A story begins with the introduction, it continues into the main part and slowly increases the tension to the climax. At the end of the narrative there is an arc of suspense. Particularly expressive adjectives and verbs, as well as verbatim speech, bring the narrative to life.

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