What belongs in a final project report?

What belongs in a final project report?

As a rule, a final project report is to be written at the end of the project. According to DIN 69901, it contains the “summary, concluding description of tasks and results achieved, of time, cost and personnel expenditure as well as, if necessary, references to possible follow-up projects.

When is a project complete?

In principle, a project is successfully completed when the project goals have been achieved. At the beginning of the project, project requirements were collected and goals agreed together with the client. The following are therefore important for the successful completion of a project: Achievement of the project goals.

Why is project completion important?

A year after project completion, problems arise at a point that has never been documented. Your company receives a reminder from a supplier because invoices have still not been paid. Open tasks are not completed because they were not included in the follow-up project.

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