What belongs in a personal description?

What belongs in a personal description?

Structure of a person description Body stature (muscular, thin, slim, overweight) Height of the person (small, large, huge) Skin color. Limbs. Arms (short, long, scarred, prostheses) clothing. Headgear (hat, top hat, tiara, baseball cap) Other special characteristics of the person. Scars, burns, wounds.

How do you start with a process description?

The introduction The process description begins with a heading. In the heading, the reader is informed about the content of the process description. In addition, the process description is preceded by a list of the materials required. Pay attention to the size and quantity information in recipes.

How do I proceed with a process description?

Main part of the process description Decide on personal or impersonal address. Write in the present tense. Describe precisely and succinctly. List all the materials used. Keep the sequence of work steps precisely. Use appropriate expressions (afterwards, then, then …).

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