What belongs in a school portfolio?

What belongs in a school portfolio?

A portfolio is maintained largely independently by the student over a period of time and should contain (at least): A self-portrayal of the student as a writer. a selection of your own texts (compulsory texts and free choice) a self-assessment of these texts (possibly with the help of a questionnaire)

What is a book portfolio?

portare wear and folium sheet) designates a purposeful collection of materials on a specific topic. The portfolio is a development tool, it not only shows the finished product, but also documents the learning process in a differentiated way.

What are learning stories in kindergarten?

Learning stories are part of the portfolio work in kindergartens and daycare centers. Pedagogical specialists observe the children in selected situations and write a story in the form of a letter in child-friendly language about the special features, strengths and development steps of the respective child.

What is a development portfolio?

The development portfolio is an instrument that documents learning and development processes. These processes are represented by documents such as the children’s works, photos, observations, etc. in the portfolio.

What is a company portfolio?

In sales and marketing, portfolio refers to a collection of products, services, projects or brands that a company offers. In this respect, one also speaks of the product portfolio or brand portfolio of a company.

What is a real estate portfolio?

A real estate portfolio includes a large number of different buildings, often of different building types. The larger and more heterogeneous the portfolio, the more important it is to have a future-oriented maintenance strategy.

What is a portfolio in stocks?

Equities – basic knowledge A portfolio means the entirety of the assets of a person or a company. A portfolio can consist of different asset classes such as E.g. stocks, commodities, investment funds or real estate.

How many stocks in the portfolio?

As a rule, additional purchases are made over a longer period of time until a position accounts for between two and five percent of the portfolio. With five percent positions, the investor would have 20 shares in the optimal end position. For 2 percent positions, it’s 50 shares.

Which stock market app is the best?

The best stock market apps for Android eToro – copy trading, course analysis and particularly easy operation make eToro a favorite stock market app. onvista – The financial portal provides you with the latest news and analyses. A classic on the Play Store.

Which app to watch stocks?

Stock prices on the smartphone: The best stock market apps in’s Box.Yahoo! Finance.

Which app for stock market quotes?

Onvista from the Comdirect Bank is also one of the most used online brokers. The stock app offers a wealth of information on many financial topics, including stock prices, of course. The app is available for iOS and Android. Onvista provides a demo account and a sample portfolio free of charge.

Is Trade Republic safe?

Like all other online brokers in Germany, Trade Republic is secure. Trade Republic has a full banking license and is regulated by BaFin. The securities are not stored directly with Trade Republic, but are held by HSBC.

What happens if Trade Republic goes bankrupt?

As usual, the shares are special funds and have nothing to do with Trade Republic. So even if the company goes bust, the shares are still yours. Of course you only have some effort with the transfer to another broker (but the risk also applies to all other brokers and banks).

How does Trade Republic make money?

Trade Republic makes money through commission income. On the one hand, these consist of “handling cost subsidies” (commissions that Trade Republic receives from stock exchanges and issuers) and a “flat rate for third-party costs” (1 euro fee per trade by a user).

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