What belongs to the transaminases?

What belongs to the transaminases?

Transaminases are enzymes. They are involved in cell metabolism and in the breakdown and conversion of protein building blocks. Transaminases are found in many different organs such as heart muscle, skeletal muscle, kidney and brain. However, the liver cells contain a particularly large number of transaminases.

What does transaminases mean?

Transaminases, also called aminotransferases, are different proteins that trigger certain biochemical processes in living beings.

What are elevated transaminases?

Liver values ​​increased: why is that? The blood count liver values ​​ALT, AST and GLDH are increased when the liver cells are damaged, for example by fungal poisoning or acute viral hepatitis. When the liver cells die, the enzymes are released and enter the blood in increased concentrations.

What is a severely elevated liver value?

Altered liver values ​​in the blood can indicate liver diseases such as fatty liver, fatty liver inflammation, virus infection or liver cirrhosis. The liver can recover well from damage if the cause is treated in time.

What happens if the liver values ​​are too high?

Elevated liver values ​​are not uncommon findings in a general practitioner’s practice. It should be remembered that even slightly elevated values ​​can indicate a life-threatening liver disease. There are many reasons why the human body’s central metabolic organ can fail slowly and unnoticed.

What are elevated liver values?

Causes of elevated liver values ​​Fatty liver (due to alcohol, diet, obesity, medication or stress) (inflammation of the liver) Bile disorders such as gallstones. Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis)

How high can the liver value be?

Elevated liver valuesNormal values ​​in U/LMenWomenGOTGPTGamma-GTAlkaline phosphatase40 – 13035 – 105

What does Gamma GT too high mean?

If the gamma-GT is increased, this is usually a sign of liver cell damage: the dying of the liver cells releases the enzyme gamma-GT (GGT) into the blood serum in increased concentration. The cause can be, for example, viral hepatitis, liver congestion or liver cirrhosis.

What harms the liver the most?

And one that can take quite a lot: medication, alcohol, fatty food, sugar. Despite these stresses, the liver usually does its job for a lifetime – even if it is no longer healthy itself.

Which fruit is good for the liver?

What is good for the liver – and what is not? liver-friendly: fish wild coalfish, redfish, cod fruit and vegetables apricots, bananas, broccoli, strawberries, carrots, potatoes, tangerines, oranges, asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini cereal products brown and brown bread, oatmeal, rice, Noodles, semolina, rusks2

Which food puts the most strain on the liver?

Unhealthy eating and too much alcohol are the main causes of toxins in the liver….These toxins damage the liverAlcohol and nicotine.Sweets and sweetened foods.Unhealthy fats (e.g. trans fats)Inactivity.Insufficient sleep.

What harms the liver besides alcohol?

In addition to alcohol, obesity and acute and chronic type B and C hepatitis are common causes of liver damage. Dietary supplements or medications such as paracetamol can also damage the liver.

What Foods Detoxify the Liver?

These foods will help. Helpful for Liver Health: Grapefruit. Garlic promotes detoxification. Green tea eliminates fat in the liver. With lenses against ammonia. Cabbage promotes liver health. Clean the tomatoes. Lemon juice in the morning for liver health. Avocado protects the liver.

Which vegetables are good for the liver?

Suitable foods for liver diseaseFOOD GROUPRECOMMENDED FOODSFruits and vegetablesEndive, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, baby kohlrabi, broccoli, asparagus, fennel, spinach, chicory8

What foods are good for bile and liver?

These foods are good for the gallbladder: Carbohydrates. Wholemeal bread is healthy, of course. Fruit and vegetables. For a healthy bile, almost anything goes with fruit. Milk and cheese, certain meats and fish. When it comes to dairy products, you hardly have to restrict yourself. sugar and sweets.

What not to eat if you have liver disease

Heal fatty liver with foodNot recommendedBread, cereals and side dishes such as pasta, potatoes, rice, white bread, toast, rusks, wheat and milk rolls, croissants; durum wheat pasta; mashed rice, fries, croquettes, mashed potatoes, pancakes, potato pancakes; Ready Meals, Fast Food9 •

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