What can an intern do in nursing?

What can an intern do in nursing?

The internship should give you the opportunity to get an insight into the tasks of the professional groups in the hospital, especially the nursing staff. In principle, interns are employed in the areas of supply and assistance with basic nursing and housekeeping activities.

What is reflection in pedagogy?

Reflection in pedagogy means thinking about a past pedagogical situation from the point of view of the teacher, which is then examined and examined from all sides in order to better understand it and consciously learn from it.

What is an attitude?

Definition of basic attitude in the German dictionary first attitude, position, position taken, from which other attitudes, positions, movement sequences are developed basic inner attitude, attitude.

What is closeness and distance?

The proximity – distance describes an emotional, spatial and social relationship between people. The emotional closeness conveys belonging, trust, sympathy, acceptance and compassion. The distance describes the opposite and is a way to protect yourself from physical and psychological injuries.

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