What can be deducted from the estate?

What can be deducted from the estate?

However, the amount can be deducted in full if the testator was the sole breadwinner and therefore bears the debt alone. This applies in particular to tax debts. Loan liabilities and interest: Loans that the testator must repay are deducted from the estate at their value.

How do I get information about my inheritance?

An heir must provide information about the estate to other heirs, beneficiaries of a compulsory portion, legatees and creditors of the estate. For this purpose, the heir must usually submit a complete inventory of the estate. If important information is refused, this can be sued at the responsible probate court.

Who takes care of an estate without heirs?

If a larger inheritance remains without heirs, the administrators of the estate often commission heir investigators.

What happens to the assets if there is no heir?

If there are no such heirs either, the state inherits. If single people do not regulate what should happen to their assets after death, people with whom they had no or only loose relationships may benefit. In a will, the testator can designate his heirs.

Who gets an inheritance if no relatives?

Arranging the estate You, as the testator, can determine the distribution of your estate yourself by means of a will or an inheritance contract. If there are no relatives and therefore no heirs, the estate goes to the state. This is also the case if all potential heirs refuse the inheritance.

How do you know what you have inherited?

According to Section 62 of the Personal Status Act, close family members can access and obtain information from the relevant official death register. The relevant death register is kept by the registry office in whose area of ​​responsibility the person concerned died.

How can I find out if I inherit debt?

Either you go personally to the probate court in whose district the deceased had his last place of residence and declare the waiver there. Or you can simply contact a notary or the district court at your place of residence, where a corresponding declaration will be drawn up.

Who is informed by the probate court?

The probate court learns of the death of a person when they are informed by the registry office or the German register of wills. Officially kept wills must be opened after 30 years at the latest, unless the testator is still alive.

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