What can be specified as an additional address?

What can be specified as an additional address?

Additional address: areas of application and necessity The same addressing is used for letters and parcels almost all over the world. In Germany, the name, street, zip code and city each have their own line. Anything beyond that is referred to as an additional address. Common address additions are “c / o” (residing at), z.

What does CO mean from a legal point of view?

The abbreviation c / o can also be used in letters to hotel guests or on vacation. The two letters stand for care of in English.

Which Samsung s10 is the best?

Apple, on the other hand, has little reason to be happy, while Huawei surprises. The testers examined a total of 257 (including 145 current) smartphones. Samsung is the best smartphone in 2019, as announced by the renowned comparison portal. Accordingly, the Galaxy S10 Plus is the big winner with an overall grade of 1.6.

Which is better s10 or s10 Lite?

The S10 Lite has a larger screen diagonal of 6.7 inches and is therefore significantly larger than the S10 with 6.1 inches. With 2,400 x 1,080 pixels vs. 3,040 x 1,400 pixels, however, it also delivers a lower resolution. With the Galaxy S10 Lite, Samsung uses its Inifity-O display.

Which phone is better s10 or s10 Plus?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a bit ahead not only in terms of size, but also in terms of resolution and pixel density. The large Samsung S10 model offers 526 ppi and 1,440 by 3,040 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy S10 can keep up with the resolution, but not the smaller S10e with 1,080 by 2,280 pixels.

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