What can I answer Why did you apply to us?

What can I answer Why did you apply to us?

Your answer reflects how well your skills and experience match your future role and desire for job satisfaction. Think from the company’s perspective: You want to hire someone who will add value to the company.

What does basic knowledge mean in a CV?

“School knowledge” or “Basic knowledge” “Good knowledge” (possibly with the addition “spoken and written”) “Very good knowledge” or “Fluent” (possibly with the addition “spoken and written”) “Business fluent”

What do you write in the CV under knowledge and skills?

Arrangement of skills in the CV Present your knowledge and skills on the CV according to personal data, work experience and educational background. Break down the skills into different areas such as computer skills, language skills and other skills. Employers don’t want to see long lists.

How do you describe computer skills in a resume?

You name computer skills in a sub-item of the Knowledge and Skills section. If computer skills are important for the position you are applying for, then you can highlight them in a separate section in your CV… Mention a generic term. “Internet” “MS Office” “Several image editing programs”

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