What can I ask the midwife?

What can I ask the midwife?

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How do I request a midwife?

If the individual offer of a midwife suits your needs, you can contact her by phone or email. You can tell us something about yourself, for example when your due date is, how many children you are expecting and where you live exactly.

When do I need a midwife?

If you need a midwife to accompany you throughout your pregnancy, it is advisable to start looking at the first signs of pregnancy; if you only want support with aftercare, the choice of the right midwife can only be made at the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy…

What do I do if I can’t find a midwife?

Contact your health insurance company and ask for support in finding a midwife. Or a plan B if you can’t find a midwife. Statutory health insurance companies are often not even aware that many insured persons do not voluntarily forgo the benefits to which they are entitled.

When are you discharged after giving birth?

After a normal birth, discharge is planned on the 3rd day and after a cesarean section on the 5th day. Of course, according to individual agreement, dismissal can also take place sooner or possibly later.

Can I discharge myself after giving birth?

Discharge after childbirth After a cesarean section, it is usually a few more days. Mothers are usually discharged when the initial check-ups (U1) have been completed, the wound is healing well and the general health of both mother and child is good.

How much does an outpatient birth cost?

Costs of giving birth in a birthing center However, there can be costs for the parents-to-be: midwives charge a flat rate of between 3 euros for the on-call service at the calculated date of birth, of which the statutory health insurance usually covers a share of 250 to 300 euros.

How much does childbirth cost in Germany without insurance?

If the birth is imminent, no hospital can turn you away. However, without insurance you are a private patient, ie an uncomplicated delivery costs 3,000 to 5,000 euros (payment in installments is usually possible).

Who bears the cost of the birth?

Your health insurance pays all the costs of giving birth in hospital and of midwifery care from hospital midwives. If you don’t give birth on an outpatient basis, i.e. don’t leave the hospital shortly after the birth, some health insurance companies also pay a subsidy for the father’s overnight stay.

Who bears the costs of hospitalization during childbirth?

in a hospital, the health insurance pays for accommodation, care and meals for the mother and the newborn. Since the inpatient birth does not count as hospital treatment in the classic sense, no co-payment has to be made.

Is the PDA covered by health insurance?

PDA birth – costs Statutory health insurance companies cover everything that is considered medically necessary for a birth. This includes prenatal care, birth preparation, caesarean section or the care of a midwife before or after the birth.

Who Pays for Birth Ambulance?

As a rule, the mother-to-be only has to pay a co-payment of ten percent of the actual costs incurred. The following applies: the woman carries at least five, but no more than ten euros.

Is an optional caesarean section paid for by health insurance?

Desired caesarean section and the costs: who pays for the procedure? In Germany, the health insurance company bears the costs for the birth, which also includes a caesarean section prescribed by a doctor, whether it is a caesarean section or not.

How much does a desired c-section cost?

Data from the institute for the remuneration system in hospitals shows that a natural birth (depending on the federal state) is remunerated at 14 euros. A caesarean section costs health insurance companies between 25 euros.

Can you have an optional caesarean section?

Yes, that is basically possible. You have the right to make your own decision and also have the right to a “desired caesarean section” (desired caesarean section). However, the doctor also has the right to refuse a caesarean section if he sees no obvious medical justification for it, because…

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