What can I become with a degree in biology?

What can I become with a degree in biology?

A degree in biology qualifies students for a number of different professions. In principle, a biologist can work in science as well as in the private sector or in the public service and exercise a wide variety of professions.

Why should one study biology?

Why study biology? As a natural science, biology deals with the living beings and plants of the earth. Biological research provides insights into the structure of nature and helps people to better understand nature and life.

Which NC do you need for biology?

Studying biology: prerequisites and NC Your school leaving grade is also decisive for biology. The NC for the subject, however, fluctuates a lot at the universities. At locations such as the Free University of Berlin, you have to meet an NC of 1.5 for the Bachelor of Science in the 2018/2019 winter semester.

Which degree has the best future?

In addition to the job offer on the job market, the salary is of course also a decisive factor that flows into the decision for a course with a future … The top 10 industries in 2019 are: insurance, aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering and plant engineering. and durable goods.Financial service providers.Other entries… •

What do jobs with a future study?

Which course has a future? All figures at a glanceSpecializationUnemployment rate (2015) Adequate employment in percent (estimate) Computer science1.8> 90Engineering2.8> 95Journalism / PR / journalism5.7 ~ 75Teachers1.4> 9012

In which professions do you earn the best?

Highest Paid Professions 2020Astronauts. For many, becoming an astronaut is a real childhood dream. Doctors. It is no secret that doctors can earn a decent salary. Corporate Finance Manager. Pilots. Professor. Self-employed pharmacists. Air traffic controllers. Fund manager.

What is the best way to study?

The most popular courses of study.RankMost popular courses of study – menCareer prospects1BWLMore on2Mechanical engineeringTo jobs3Computer scienceTo jobs4Electrical engineeringMore about1 more row

Which degree is right for me?

Which degree is right for me? The free online study choice test from helps you to find the right study program for your strengths and interests. The test calculates within 10 minutes which subjects are suitable for you based on your inclinations and abilities.

Which courses are most in demand?

The 10 most popular courses in Germany: Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Law, Industrial Engineering, Economics, Medicine.

What can you study if you are creative?

Take a look at all the options for a creative degree in architecture here. teaches the construction and planning of buildings and settlements. Architecture – Green Building. deals with sustainable and climate-friendly building. Communication design. Fashion design. Retail design. Transportation design. Design management.

What can you study with music?

Possible names for the courses are: early music, historical instruments, choir conducting, conducting, orchestral conducting, singing, instrumental music (e.g. accordion, wind instruments / drums, guitar, woodwind instruments, piano, string instruments), jazz, popular and world music, folk music, church music.

What can you study?

What can you study? – Overview of degree programs: Agricultural Science, English Studies, Architecture, Banking & Finance, Civil Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Business Administration.

In which professions do you help people?

10 professions that make sense – “helping people” agricultural scientists / farmers. Civil engineers (and other engineers) social workers. Lawyers. Health care professions and academic healing professions. Psychotherapists. Apprenticeships (craft, industry, “green”), health and social managers.

What do you study without an NC?

Courses without admission restrictions, without aptitude test, without pre-registration procedure and without study orientation procedure Egyptology and Coptic Studies (Bachelor) Albanology (Master) General and Comparative Literature (Bachelor) Ancient Orient (Bachelor) Ancient Oriental Studies (Master)

Where can I study law without an NC?

NC-free law studies at a public university If a private university is not for you and you are not tied to a specific location, there are also public universities where you can study law without an NC. For example in Bayreuth, Erlangen or Jena.

Where can you study medicine without an NC?

There are private German universities that do not apply an NC. But here, too, there are of course selection procedures, some of which demand a lot from the applicants. You can apply to the University of Witten / Herdecke on the one hand. This private university provides 42 places for medicine every year.

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