What can I become without a school leaving certificate?

What can I become without a school leaving certificate?

If you are looking for an apprenticeship without a secondary school diploma, you can switch to the following sectors, for example: construction and craft. Gastronomy. Agriculture.

What happens if you fail the secondary school examination?

If you are still of compulsory schooling and have neither graduated nor found an apprenticeship position, you can do a BVJ at a vocational school. You can also catch up on your secondary school leaving certificate during the vocational preparation year.

What level of German does a foreigner need for an apprenticeship?

As a foreigner, what knowledge of German do I need for an apprenticeship? By the time you start your training, you must have a command of German at B1 level. If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship as a nurse, you need German language skills at level B2.

Can you do an apprenticeship as a foreigner?

As a foreigner, can I do an apprenticeship in Germany? If you live in the European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland or Norway, you can complete an apprenticeship in Germany without any legal regulations.

What do you need for training?

The checklist at the beginning of training Tax identification number, Current account, Social security card, Health insurance and health card, Certificate of membership from the health insurance company, Health certificate, Police clearance certificate, School certificates.

How do I prepare for the apprenticeship?

Tips: This is how you start your apprenticeship well! Tip 1: Find out about the dress code in your company! Tip 2: Plan your commute carefully and be on time in any case! Tip 3: be polite and friendly! Tip 4: Show interest in your training company and in your training! Tip 5: Observe the processes in the company!

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

The 3 most common application types that you can use to apply for an apprenticeship position are applications by post, by e-mail and by using the online form. You should always pay attention to the type of application that the respective company expects. This is usually stated in the job advertisement.

What insurance do you need for training?

There are three insurances that are absolutely necessary for all trainees during their training so that they are financially secure. These include health insurance, occupational disability insurance and liability insurance.

Which insurances are important for young people?

The most important insurances for young professionals and first-year students: Health insurance. Personal liability insurance. Disability insurance. Household insurance. Private pension and life insurance. Car insurance.

Do you have liability insurance during your training?

In principle, children are insured under the private liability of their parents. Under certain circumstances, the parents’ private liability insurance also applies to the child when they are of legal age: if they continue to go to school. if they are completing their first professional training (apprenticeship or studies).

What kind of insurance do you really need?

Everybody should have health insurance and personal liability insurance, and if you own a property, homeowners insurance is essential. Life insurance is no longer worthwhile; cell phone, glasses and luggage insurance are superfluous.

Which insurance are absolutely necessary?

Most people have too much insurance. Absolutely necessary are: Health insurance and private liability insurance. It makes sense to have occupational disability and accident insurance. Personal liability insurance is an important form of insurance for private households.

Which insurance is superfluous?

For example, passenger accident insurance, luggage insurance, glasses and glasses insurance or mobile phone insurance can be dispensed with. Car owners do not need passenger accident insurance because passengers are covered by the driver’s motor vehicle liability insurance.

Which insurance is required by law?

Compulsory insurance Statutory pension insurance, health insurance, motor vehicle liability insurance, professional liability insurance, public liability insurance, hunting liability insurance, animal owner liability insurance.

What are the 5 compulsory insurances?

Social insurance includes: health insurance, long-term care insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance.

Is building insurance required by law?

In a nutshell: Residential building insurance or real estate insurance is not compulsory. Fire insurance no longer has to be taken out.

Which liability insurance is compulsory?

Liability insurance for the private sector – private liability insurance – is therefore not mandatory. As a driver, for example, you are legally obliged to take out vehicle insurance as liability insurance.

Is private liability insurance compulsory?

Anyone who harms others through carelessness or carelessness has to pay for it. With private liability insurance, gross negligence is also insured. Only damage that is intentionally caused is excluded.

Which insurances are compulsory for a house?

In principle, every homeowner should opt for basic insurance. This consists of household contents insurance, building insurance and home and landowner liability insurance.

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