What can I charge for a tutoring lesson?

What can I charge for a tutoring lesson?

For example, an hour of homework help costs around 10 for a high school student and can be as low as 7-8 for an elementary school student if the teacher is still a student. But the price can also be up to 15-20 if the teacher is a qualified and experienced professional.

What can you do about unfair grades?

There are two ways to contest grades. On the one hand there is the informal complaint, on the other hand the formal objection. You can lodge a complaint against individual grades or the half-year report. Your parents or adult students can lodge a formal objection within one month.

How many grades do you need for a certificate grade?

A teacher bases his grade on only two written grades (classwork).

Can you lose two grades?

Yes, you can improve by two grades in both directions. The relevant teacher only has to announce this in the report conference and also give a reason for it…in both cases!

How do I calculate the certificate grade?

Add up all grades and then divide by the number of subjects. This is then the average and thus the grade in the certificate (in the case of final certificates also the final grade).

Which points Which grade?

Presentation of the tablePointsGrade in wordsGrade (with tendency)11good2102−9satisfactory3+8312

What are 9 6 points for a grade?

University and studyGrades(decimal) gradeGrading92.7satisfactory83.0satisfactory73.3satisfactory63.7sufficient12

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