What can I do abroad after graduating from high school?

What can I do abroad after graduating from high school?

Possible stays abroad after the AbiRainbow Garden Village Volunteering (Africa and Asia) Manatapu Volunteering (Latin and South America) Au Pair abroad.Workcamps.Voluntary service.Funded voluntary service abroad.Non-funded voluntary service abroad.Voluntary social year (FSJ) More entries …

What do high school graduates do after graduation statistics?

School leavers after graduation largely haphazardly 10.02% want to work immediately after graduation in order to earn money, only 9.6% want to do an apprenticeship. The remaining 4.64% want to do an internship first, while 1.24% of those surveyed want to apply directly for permanent jobs.

What can you do at 17 after graduation?

Farm work, voluntary service or educational year Anyone who graduates from high school at 17 and then wants to go abroad first has a harder time than adult high school graduates. But there are also opportunities for minors to go abroad.

How do I bridge the year after graduating from high school?

Depending on the course, NC and personal life planning, a lot or a little time can pass between the Abitur and the start of your studies… .5 ideas for the time between school and studies Do you want to travel the world? Internship. Voluntary service. Training. Jobben.

What can you do between high school and university?

An internship between high school and university can be a useful preparation for your studies or an apprenticeship. During an internship, you usually work in a company for several weeks or months and during this time you get to know the work processes.

What happens after graduating from high school?

What do you do after graduating from high school? Voluntary service: FSJ, FÖJ, BFD & IJFD.Bundeswehr: voluntary military service.Internship – gathering first experience.Work after high school graduation.Travel after high school diploma: Work & Travel.Learn a language: language courses & language trips Go abroad as an au pair.

What should I study after graduation?

Degree programs popular with high school graduates Most of the “freshmen” at German universities have for years been opting for classics such as business administration, economics, law or medicine after graduating from high school.

What can you do with an Abitur?

Professions with high school diploma, digital and print media clerk, marketing communications clerk, bookseller, image and sound media designer, digital and print media designer, real estate clerk, bank clerk, event clerk.

What can you do 1 year after school?

There are very different options for an FSJ. For example, you can do it in a hospital, nursing home, cultural association or daycare center. For some FSJ you can stay at home, for others you have to move. You can only do an FSJ once in a lifetime.

What are my options after school?

You can acquire a higher education entrance qualification at grammar schools, comprehensive schools, technical or vocational colleges. There is the general university entrance qualification (“Abitur”), the subject-specific university entrance qualification and the technical college entrance qualification (“Fachabitur”). Your options: A degree or an apprenticeship.

What should I do after middle school?

After successfully completing the (new) middle school, the pupils can attend an upper level of the general high school (AHS upper level) or a vocational middle or higher school. Pupils who want to learn a trade must first complete the 9th school year.

What can I do if I don’t have an apprenticeship?

Can’t find an apprenticeship and are wondering what you could do alternatively? A good way to bridge the waiting time is a language stay abroad. During a language stay or a year abroad, you set the course for a successful professional and personal future.

How can I find an apprenticeship?

How do I find an apprenticeship position? Go to as many companies as possible (concentrate on 1 – 2 professions) and show interest in the work. Ask friends and relatives if they know where there are open apprenticeships. Call various companies in the region to see if they have open apprenticeships.

By when should you have an apprenticeship?

You should apply with your current certificate no later than one year before the start of your apprenticeship. Inquire about the respective application dates in good time. On Yousty you will find many apprenticeships, career information and contacts. Initial contact with the company is possible via Yousty.

When to apply for apprenticeship 2020?

No reason to bury your head in the sand, because: Some training companies are still looking for new apprentices who will start their apprenticeship on August 1, 2020 or September 1, 2020.

When to apply

Basically, there is no such thing as the perfect time. It is always worth sending an application! The need for new staff is great in small, medium-sized and large companies thanks to the good economic situation.

When is the application deadline for 2020?

The following applies for the 2020/2021 winter semester: Applications for subjects with limited study places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for admission-free courses are possible from mid-August to mid-October (depending on the university).

When do I have to apply after completing my training?

Avoid inconvenience in the application process and apply in good time – preferably around 3 months before the expected completion of the training. You do not have to take up these positions if you are taken on.

Until when can you apply for an apprenticeship?

When should I apply for an apprenticeship? Prepare application documents at an early stage. Apprenticeship search: the application deadlines. Use contacts to find apprenticeship positions. Differences between companies in terms of time limits. Insurance and banks: 12 months before the start of the training. Crafts and trade: 6 months in advance for applications.

When is the application deadline?

The following deadlines often apply to studying in Germany: The application period often ends on July 15, if the course begins in the winter semester. The application deadline often ends on January 15, when the course begins in the summer semester.

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