What can I do after the MSA?

What can I do after the MSA?

Technical Abitur/Abitur In addition, after secondary school you can continue your school education and, for example, attend a commercial vocational school. In this way you will acquire your vocational diploma and, if you wish, you can catch up on a course of study.

What do you have to be able to do for MSA?

The MSA math exam covers many different areas of mathematics. Topics from the seventh and eighth grades, such as linear equations, are also represented, as are the exponential functions, which are part of the material in the tenth grade.

In which class do you do MSA?

In the school system of the Federal Republic of Germany, the middle school leaving certificate, traditionally also known as the middle school leaving certificate, is an educational qualification that can usually be obtained at the end of the 10th grade of general education school.

When did you pass the MSA?

When is the MSA passed? You have passed the MSA if you achieve grade 4 or better in all examination subjects. You can afford a 5 if you get at least a 3 in another examination subject.

What grades do you need for MSA Hamburg?

The students achieve a good MSA degree with the same average grade of 2.7 in the written and oral examinations. 88% achieve grade 4 or better in the written exam, 89% in the oral exam.

When do you have to write MSA Hamburg?

The dates for the written examinations are February 5th, 2018 for German, February 7th, 2018 for mathematics and February 12th, 2018 for the foreign languages. The dates for the MSA exams are May 14, 2018 (English), May 16, 2018 (German) and May 18, 2018 (math). Who in the first half of the 10th

Can you do an Abitur with an MSA?

With a secondary school leaving certificate, you can go to technical college and do the vocational baccalaureate here. BAföG can be obtained! There are vocational schools in some federal states. There is now also the possibility of studying without a technical college entrance qualification or Abitur.

What degree do you need for Abi?

As a basis, the middle school certificate (or comparable) is required in order to be able to do the Abitur. However, people with a secondary school leaving certificate can also catch up on the Abitur. In the combination of a secondary school leaving certificate plus completed vocational training or

Can you do Abitur with a 5?

You have to achieve a total of at least 100 points, none of which can be rated with 0 points. You have to achieve at least 5 points in three out of five examination subjects, one of which must be German, math or a foreign language. At least one other of these three subjects must achieve 4 points.

How can I graduate with a high school diploma?

At distance schools such as the ILS, the SGD, HAF and FEB, you can acquire the Abitur in a course lasting 32 months and a state examination while you are working, provided that you can demonstrate a high school diploma and at least three years of professional experience as an admission requirement.

Can you become a doctor with a high school diploma?

Subject-related entitlement to study The basic requirement remains at least the middle school leaving certificate and completed professional training in a medical environment that lasted at least 2 years with a final grade of at least 2.5. You must also have at least 3 years of professional experience.

Can you still study with a high school diploma?

Can you study with a high school diploma? Yes! Wrong thinking, because all federal states also offer secondary school graduates the opportunity to start studying with a secondary school certificate. Most secondary school graduates opt for the classic training and then go directly into the profession.

How do I get my degree?

The well-known way, if you want to do the Abitur, is via the upper level at a grammar school, comprehensive school or vocational grammar school. Previously, you had to attend these up to the 13th grade and could then do your Abitur. With the education reform, this 13th

What happens if you don’t pass the high school diploma?

You only have a chance to sue for the missing points in the Abitur or to sue for a repetition of the exam if you are not to blame for your failure. With an exam challenge, you can, for example, address incorrect behavior on the part of the examiners or noise pollution during the exam.

What jobs can you learn with a high school diploma?

The most popular apprenticeships with a secondary school certificate include, for example, office management clerk, automotive mechatronics technician or retail clerk. Not only are these jobs extremely popular, they are also in high demand. Thousands of trainees are sought every year.

Can you become an architect with a high school diploma?

For architecture, you can choose either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you have a high school diploma and want to become an architect, you need a university entrance qualification for the required course of study.

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