What can I do if I lost my degree?

What can I do if I lost my degree?

Lost certificate: receive a new school certificate If you have lost an annual, half-yearly, leaving certificate or final certificate from your school days, simply get a replacement. You will receive a new certificate from your current or former school or from the responsible school authority.

What to do if you lose your high school diploma?

In any case, first of all, the all-clear: If you have lost your Abitur certificate, the school office can reissue the certificate for you for a fee – as long as the office still has the data from your Abitur certificate on file, which they usually do for ten or 20 years are mandatory to do.

What to do if you lose your student ID?

You can show your student ticket within a week. Then it only costs about 5 euros. If you don’t make it, it costs 40 euros.

Where can I request my certificate?

(1) The issuance of a replacement confirmation for a lost domestic certificate can be requested from the locally responsible education department.

How long must a certificate be kept?

Normal annual reports only have to be kept for up to one year after the respective student has been dismissed. However, a significantly longer retention period of 40 years applies to the much more important diplomas. Even after this period has expired, the written material may not be disposed of without further ado.

How long can you request a work reference?

Today, according to the GewO, the right to a job reference is limited to a period of three years. However, the right to a job reference can be forfeited at an early stage if the employee does not assert it for a long period of time.

Can I request a work reference?

Losing a reference If you have lost a reference, i.e. one that has already been issued, you can easily ask your former employer for a new copy and request your reference.

Can I always request a work reference?

According to Section 109, Paragraph 1 of the Industrial Code (GewO), the right to a written job reference arises upon termination of the employment relationship. If the employment relationship is terminated by notice, the entitlement arises after the notice period has expired.

Do I have the right to a work reference?

A job reference only has to be created if the employee requests it. At the end of a vocational training relationship, however, the employer is always obliged to issue the certificate. The trainee does not have to request this first.

When a simple and qualified job reference?

The simple job reference The simple reference does not contain any information about the management and performance of the employee, it only confirms the type and duration of the employment relationship. In addition, the qualified certificate must also contain information about the leadership, performance and conduct of the employee.

By when does the employer have to issue a reference after termination?

This means that an employee has exactly six weeks after the end of the employment relationship to request a work reference in writing. If he fails to do so within the deadline, he no longer has the right to have a certificate issued.

When is a person entitled to a qualified interim certificate?

The legal right to an interim certificate When an employment relationship ends, employees have a legal right to a final certificate. Anyone who wants an interim certificate, on the other hand, must be able to name a legitimate interest or refer to a collective agreement that underpins this right.

How do you write a qualified job reference?

The certificate must have a heading (“employment certificate”) and correct information about the place and date. If this is a final certificate, the date must correspond to the date on which the employment relationship ended.

What is a qualified job-promoting job reference?

In contrast, what is a qualified job reference? This is more detailed than the simple certificate and also includes an evaluation of his performance as well as more detailed information on social behavior, i.e. dealing with colleagues, superiors and customers.

What belongs in a benevolent qualified certificate?

In this context, benevolent means first of all that the job reference must not contain any negative wording. Testimonials must be drafted with sufficient clarity, no contradictory or ambiguous statements may be made.

How do I write a very good job reference?

He has always represented our company in an exemplary manner. We very much regret Mr. Mustermann’s departure and thank him for his many years of valuable support to our company. We wish him continued success in his professional future and all the best personally.

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