What can I do with a Bachelor in Psychology?

What can I do with a Bachelor in Psychology?

Economics and ManagementExamples of professions with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It is not easy to find exactly the job advertisements in the job exchange that are suitable for a psychology bachelor’s degree. Jobs in human resources. Jobs in marketing & market research. Jobs in management consultancy.

What are the requirements for studying psychology?

With a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) you can study psychology without restrictions at state or private universities. With a technical college entrance qualification, you are admitted to university of applied sciences to study psychology. A subject-related higher education entrance qualification also opens up ways for you to study psychology.

What can I do with applied psychology?

In short: In the field of applied psychology you can apply psychological expertise in practical work environments … Definition 3: Clinical psychology. Business psychology. Educational psychology. Peace psychology. Community psychology. Gerontopsychology. Health psychology. Media psychology. Further entries …

What is the difference between psychology and applied psychology?

Similarities and differences Basically, the course in psychology tends to pursue a theoretical training and the course in applied psychology tends to be more application-oriented.

What is applied psychology?

Applied psychology is a summary of all sub-disciplines of psychology that deal with the application of psychological knowledge in practice.

What is practical psychology?

Practical psychology is useful in many areas of everyday professional and private life. In addition to the basics and general teaching, you will also gain an insight into special fields such as developmental psychology or clinical psychology.

In which area of ​​psychology do you earn best?

Depending on the employer, your earnings differ again: Psychologists earn best in research institutes. Here, in the first two years, 37,851 euros per year are possible. After two years there is the first salary jump and with personnel responsibility your wage can amount to over 52,000 euros per year.

How to study psychology?

Often you can only study psychology at universities. In order to get a place at university, you therefore need the general university entrance qualification. As the subject of psychology is very popular, universities usually also restrict admission to studies with a numerus clausus (NC).

How long do you have to study psychology?

Psychology studies: that’s how long it takes. For a classic full-time course in psychology, there are usually six semesters for the Bachelor and four semesters for the Master.

How difficult is it to study psychology?

Depending on how much you are interested in certain things, you will perceive your studies as either easy or difficult. Some universities weight your science subjects more heavily in the Abitur than, for example, your sports or religion grade.

Is a psychology degree right for me?

But after all, studying is only the way to a job and if you really want to work in the field you want, then yes, psychology is the right degree for you. But even if you are interested in the subjects and you do not yet have a precise dream job, you should not let yourself be deterred.

What is it like to study psychology?

60 percent of psychology students say they chose this course “to be able to help people”. The possibilities that open up after studying psychology are varied and varied. This is why there is so much interest in psychology among school leavers and freshmen.

Are psychologists in demand?

Labor market for psychologists. Psychologists are more in demand on the job market than ever. The psychology degree qualifies you for a wide range of activities.

Why is psychology so popular?

Birgit Spinath, the popularity of psychology has several reasons. “A psychology degree opens up many fields of work around the topics of health, work, education and of course in research and teaching,” she emphasizes. “The job market for psychologists is excellent.

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