What can I do with my bachelor’s degree?

What can I do with my bachelor’s degree?

After your bachelor’s degree, you can start your professional life or you can complete a master’s degree. The master’s degree entitles you to a doctorate. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to gain practical experience first.

What does it mean to do a bachelor’s degree?

The bachelor is the first academic degree and professional qualification of a multi-level study model. The duration of study, which is considered appropriate, is binding for support services such as BAföG and is misleadingly referred to as the standard period of study, is at least three and at most four years.

What is the best thing to study?

The most popular courses.RankMost popular courses – menCareer prospects1Business administrationMore about this2Mechanical engineeringTo the jobs3Computer scienceTo the jobs4Electrical engineeringMore about this1 more row

Who can study?

If you have acquired a subject-related higher education entrance qualification, you are entitled to study at a university – the selection of subjects for which you are admitted is limited, however. If you have the technical college entrance qualification, you can only study at a technical college, but not at a university.

What is easy to study?

A particularly popular course of study, which is often associated with a slight degree of difficulty, is business administration. The only requirements are dealing with numbers and dry matter – but a lot of theory can be found in almost every course.

What do you need to study economics?

You always have to meet the following formal requirements in order to be admitted to the Bachelor in Business Administration: General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or. Subject-specific university entrance qualification or. Technical college entrance qualification (Fachabitur) or. A comparable school-leaving certificate or. A specific professional qualification.

Is an economics degree right for me?

Business administration is not easy for everyone, but what course is that? As in any other course, you have to do something yourself in order to achieve good results. Most students find the math courses particularly difficult. But with motivation and interest, you can do anything.

What can you do if you study economics?

5. Career fields for business administration graduates 5.1 Purchasing and procurement. 5.2 Management and Corporate Governance. 5.3 Human Resources. 5.4 Distribution and Sales. 5.5 Marketing and Advertising.

Is business administration really that difficult?

In general, in my opinion, the business administration degree is somewhere in the middle. Depending on the affinity, it can therefore be harder or easier. An important prerequisite, however, is a certain passion for entrepreneurial thinking and acting as well as fun dealing with numbers.

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