What can I do with the extended secondary school certificate?

What can I do with the extended secondary school certificate?

Prerequisites for a two-year technical college (grades 11 and 12): high school diploma Proof of internship Prerequisites for a one-year technical college (grade 12): high school diploma Completion of at least two-year vocational training in the subject The technical college ends after the 12th

What kind of grade point average do you need for an extended secondary school certificate?

Eligibility for graduation fulfilled if:Requirement for secondary school leaving certificate (see left)Average grade of the final grades in the subjects German, mathematics, English at least “3.0” and.Average grade in the other subjects at least satisfactory “3.0”

What grades do I need for high school?

The certificate of successful completion of middle school is awarded to those who have passed the ninth grade of middle school with an average grade of at least 4.0. If you attend a grammar school and have successfully completed the ninth grade, you automatically receive the certificate of completion of middle school.

What to do if you don’t have a degree?

Furthermore, the following sectors in particular offer good prospects of an apprenticeship for young people without a school-leaving certificate: construction jobs. craft jobs. jobs in gastronomy and hotels. jobs in agriculture. jobs in retail. jobs in logistics. jobs in nursing.

What can you do with a high school diploma after class 10?

With the acquisition of this degree after class 10, the students are entitled to start an apprenticeship or to attend a vocational college. A higher school qualification can be obtained there, for example the intermediate school leaving certificate.

What can you do with a high school diploma in the Bundeswehr?

Even the lower secondary school leaving certificate opens up many interesting training opportunities for you in the Bundeswehr. You have the choice between technical and manual training occupations, but you can also opt for training in the military, medical or chemical fields.

Can I become a sergeant in the Bundeswehr with a secondary school diploma?

And with a high school diploma plus completed vocational training, he meets the requirements for a sergeant’s career.

What does it take to become a soldier?

The general Bundeswehr requirements are: German citizenship. If you are committed for more than 12 months, willingness to serve abroad. Nationwide usability. Minimum height 155 cm for women and men. Medical suitability.

Can you also join the Bundeswehr without training?

The prerequisite here is at least a secondary school leaving certificate and a commitment period of 4 years if the learned profession serves the German Armed Forces, or at least 9 years if there is no usable vocational training.

What do I have to do to apply to the Bundeswehr?

Initial contact is usually made online on the careers page or the job portal and should be seen more as an expression of interest than an official application. Because before the actual application, there is a detailed consultation.

Where do you send the application for the Bundeswehr?

The application is then addressed either to a regional Bundeswehr service center, a service center or the Federal Office for Personnel Management of the Bundeswehr.

How do I become a reservist?

The following requirements apply to your Bundeswehr reservist application: Between 17 and 35 years old. German citizen. At least higher education entrance qualification or completed NCO training. Flexibility and resilience.

When are you too old for the Bundeswehr?

Requirements for a career as an officer in the Bundeswehr are a minimum age of 17 (with parental consent) and a maximum age of 29. Furthermore, you must have successfully participated in the Bundeswehr selection process for managers or officers.

Am I still a reserve?

By law, the reservist no longer belongs to the group of persons eligible for military service at the end of the month in which he/she reached the age of 65. This means that an engagement (order, exercise) in the Bundeswehr with soldier status is no longer possible.

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