What can I do with whats app?

What can I do with whats app?

With Messenger, which is now part of Microsoft, you can send text messages, but you can also make video calls. The Swiss app Threema for iPhone and Android smartphones promises a particularly high level of security. It encrypts your messages from start to finish.

What can you play in WhatsApp?

7 fun WhatsApp games against boredom # 1 Truth or Dare. We all probably know truth or dare from our school days. # 2 Emoji puzzles. The concept of emoji puzzles is relatively easy to explain. # 3 joke question, quizzes, and puzzles. # 4 Four in a row. # 5 Who am I? # 6 Hangman / guessing words. # 7 City, country, river.

How do I write a WhatsApp myself?

In the contacts themselves you look for your number and then click on the Whatsapp symbol. Tadaaa! Bonus Lifehack: If you’ve written yourself, you can pin your chat to the top. To do this, click on the chat with yourself in the chat overview for a long time and then click on the pin at the top of the bar.

How can you text yourself?

Theoretically yes. However, nowadays the vast majority of all mobile phone users are likely to have an SMS flat rate at least for their own network, in which case the SMS would be freeYes, because you send them and everything you send costs fees, the recipient does not matter unless you have an SMS Flat.

What is the Chats tab on WhatsApp?

Anyone who has already used WhatsApp will notice above all that a little has changed on the surface. The tab “Contacts” has been blessed with the times, in its place there is a green button (1) with the chat icon in the lower left corner of the chat screen. There is now the “Status” tab at the top (2) for this.

Can I send an email to WhatsApp?

Now you copy the text of your mail in the mail program, select a person in the PC WhatsApp, paste the text in the text field and press the enter key, done. You click on the paperclip in the chat window in the upper right corner of the PC WhatsApp, then you can attach a file or take a photo and send it.

Can you send an email to a cell phone?

The easiest way to send an e-mail from your mobile phone is to send a short message to an e-mail account in the Short Message Service. No additional settings are required on the phone here. The recipient does not have to check his or her e-mail account for newly received e-mails.

How can I send a PDF file via WhatsApp?

Your chat partner must also be using a fairly up-to-date version of WhatsApp, otherwise they will not be able to receive the PDF files. Then go to chat and tap the paper clip. Now you have to select “Documents” and then tap on the desired file (see picture).

How can I send an email as an attachment GMX?

Add file attachment Click on the paperclip icon above the text field on the left. Depending on the location of the file you want to add, click on Add attachment from hard drive or Add attachment from cloud. Highlight the file you want to add. Click on Attach or, if necessary, add

How can I send an email as an attachment?

E-mail program: Convert E-Mail to Attachment Open or mark the E-Mail you want to forward. Select Message> Forward as> Attachment in the menu. A new e-mail is generated. Enter the new recipient and change the subject if necessary before you send the e-mail.

How big can a mail be GMX?

How good that GMX E-Mail enables large file attachments to be sent and received: With GMX FreeMail, file attachments of up to 20 MB can be sent and received, with the premium tariffs GMX ProMail and GMX TopMail you can send and receive in a single e-mail pack in large file attachments of 50 MB or 100 MB.

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