What can I study in Heidelberg?

What can I study in Heidelberg?

The range of courses at Heidelberg University covers the wide range of subjects of a full university with over 160 subjects. The range of subjects includes the humanities, social sciences and law as well as the natural and life sciences including medicine.

What does Bachelor U mean?

Degree Bachelor The Bachelor is the first academic degree and professional qualification of a multi-level study model. Bachelor’s degree programs impart basic technical and methodological skills in the chosen subject area.

What does Bachelor 50% mean?

Description. The bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science (with a subject share of 50%) allows you to combine it with another 50% degree and is usually completed after six semesters. Since winter semester 2016/17, admission has been based on an entrance exam.

What is a Bachelor minor?

Since the Bologna reform, the designation 2-subject bachelor’s degree has been established. This can be the classic combination of major and minor (often the minor has a scope of 30 to 60 ECTS credits) or two equivalent majors that are studied in parallel.

What does Bachelor 75 mean?

General information on the course (75%, main subject) Depending on the course design, various fields of sports science are open. A total of 180 credit points (CP) are required for coursework and examinations to successfully complete the bachelor’s degree.

What does Bachelor 1 HF mean?

In the 1-subject bachelor’s degree, you study a central main subject, which you can customize with supplementary modules. Photo Credits: Unsplash | Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn. In the 1-subject bachelor’s degree, you take a central major, which you usually study full-time.

What is a 2 subject bachelor?

The concept of the degree program enables two undergraduate subjects to be studied on an equal footing and, through a profile area, offers the opportunity to set individual priorities and develop a very personal profile.

Can I only study a minor?

However, if such a minor subject is designated as an elective or compulsory elective subject, separate enrollment is not required, since these elective subjects are then integrated into the respective degree program. In the case of so-called one-subject bachelor’s degree programs, no minor subject can be chosen.

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