What can you do after becoming a civil engineer?

What can you do after becoming a civil engineer?

Civil engineers are specialized in many areas, for example in the maintenance and repair of bridges or the construction of high-rise buildings. In the construction industry, a distinction is usually made between building construction and civil engineering. To put it simply, one can say that building construction takes place above, civil engineering below or on the ground.

What can an engineer do?

Of course, many engineers still work in construction and assembly or in structural and civil engineering. But you can also find them in the purchasing or sales departments of companies, they work in science and research or they work in the public sector.

How much does a site manager earn net?

If the gross net salary as a site manager is EUR 2,500, a site manager earns an average of EUR 3,500 per month.

How much does a Self Employed Civil Engineer make?

The average salary is 48,000 euros, with men receiving significantly more than women. However, earnings are not primarily dependent on gender, but rather on the age and size of the company. A 25-year-old earns an average of almost 40,000 euros, 20 years later it is 58,000 euros.

Which is better civil engineer or architect?

While architects prefer to set up their own office, engineers in the construction industry are more oriented towards a higher employee position, eg project or department management in medium-sized and larger companies. Financially, civil engineering tends to be in the lead.

Which architects earn the most?

Hamburg has the most, eastern least. There is also a regional salary gap in the economy: Hamburg is again the leader, where architects earn around 69,500 euros. Thuringia brings up the rear with a median salary of 47,000 euros.

How much does an architect earn net per month?

Gross salary as an architectProfessionArchitecture (Dipl.)Monthly gross salary€3,771.95Annual gross salaryHow much net?

Is Architect a Well Paying Profession?

On average, the architect has a starting salary of EUR 45,000, which can rise to a top salary of EUR 88,000 per year. The commercial economy pays the architect the best wages. Salary prospects are rosiest in large companies in Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.

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