What can you do after graduation?

What can you do after graduation?

What will you do after graduation? Volunteer service: FSJ, FÖJ, BFD & IJFD.Bundeswehr: voluntary military service.Internship – gaining initial experience.Work after graduation.Travel after graduation: work & travel.Learning a language: language courses & language trips .Going abroad as an au pair.

What can you do between high school and college?

Get involved socially with the Federal Volunteer Service or complete a voluntary social year. If you prefer to do something for the environment, the Voluntary Ecological Year is the right one. In this way you not only bridge time, it also looks good on your CV.

Who pays for health insurance in the event of unemployment?

For recipients of unemployment benefit I, the Federal Employment Agency pays the contributions to health and long-term care insurance. This also applies if you do not receive unemployment benefit at the beginning of your unemployment due to a blocking period. The job center pays the contributions for recipients of unemployment benefit II.

Until when can you have family insurance?

Children can remain insured in the family insurance up to the age of 23, provided they are not yet working themselves. If the children start studying or vocational training without pay, the free co-insurance is extended until their 25th birthday.

How much can you earn to remain family insured?

In order for the family member to have family insurance without paying any contributions, their monthly income – the so-called total income – must not exceed 450 euros from a mini job (marginal employment) or more than 1/7 of the monthly reference amount according to § 18 SGB IV (2020: 455 euros). a regular job…

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