What can you do as a pharmacist?

What can you do as a pharmacist?

Master of Pharmacy) one year of professional practice, complete the so-called “aspirant year” in a pharmacy and take a final aspirant exam. You can then work independently as an employed pharmacist in a public pharmacy or in an institutional pharmacy.

What can you do with a pharmacy degree?

Studying pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology: Prospects After successfully completing your pharmacy studies, there are career opportunities, for example in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the armed forces, in health authorities and public administration or in science and research.

How long does it take to study to become a pharmacist?

Your pharmacy studies are divided into two phases, the basic and the main study. Both last 8 semesters and combine academic study and practical training.

What are the tasks of a PCA?

PKA are primarily responsible for organization and marketing. They mainly take care of the merchandise management, the purchase and the storage of medicines and the usual pharmacy goods.

What do you need to work as a PCA?

The most common professional qualification that PKA trainees bring with them is the secondary school certificate. If you have a high school diploma, you don’t need to be afraid to apply.

What can a PKA sell in the pharmacy?

Conclusion. According to the pharmacy operating regulations, PKA are not allowed to dispense any medicines or give advice on medicines. Due to these regulations in the area of ​​over-the-counter medicines, pharmacist A. is therefore advised not to use the PCA in this area.

How much does a Pharmaceutical Clerk make?

PKA in the first and second year of work start at 1,840 euros in 2020 (2021: 1,868 euros). From the 14th year of work, 2,253 euros are reached (2021: 2,287 euros). For pharmacy engineers, the salary increases in the 1st

How much does PKA make 20 hours a week?

This is how much PTA, PKA, trainees and PhiP earn from September 1 WEEK WORKING TIME40201.-14. Year2,835 €1,417 €from 15th year2,999 €1,500 €Pharmaceutical engineers and qualified pharmaceutical engineers from 15th year2,999 €1,500 €25 •

Who is allowed to sell medicines in the pharmacy?

Only those with expertise may sell over-the-counter medicines. This can be the entrepreneur, his representative or sales staff. Expertise has whoever passes the expertise test before an IHK.

Who is allowed to work in the pharmacy?

In addition to pharmacists, the pharmaceutical staff of a pharmacy also includes pharmaceutical technical assistants (PTA), pharmacist assistants, pharmaceutical engineers, pharmacy assistants and pharmaceutical assistants.

What do you learn in the training as a PCA?

This is what you will learn in the PKA training: A for medicines: Whether stomach tablets, cough syrup or antihypertensive drugs: as PKA medicines are your daily business. During the training you will learn everything about the use and composition of medicines and remedies.

Where can you work as a pharmaceutical clerk?

Where can you work as a PCA? As a PCA, you can work in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, in pharmaceutical wholesale or in the pharmaceutical industry.

How to become a PKA?

For graduates of a general or vocational higher school (AHS or BHS) or a vocational middle school (BMS), the PKA training is reduced to two years. This job requires extensive commercial knowledge as well as some pharmaceutical and medical knowledge.

Where can I work with a PKA training?

The training for the PKA can be started after completing compulsory schooling and takes place in the dual system. This means that the prospective PKAs work in the pharmacy during their apprenticeship and also attend vocational school during this time.

How much does a pharmacy apprentice earn?

As a pharmaceutical commercial assistant apprentice, you earn €652 as an employee in a pharmacy in the 1st year of training, €789 in the 2nd year and €1,076 in the 3rd year.

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