What can you do if the child has not come home?

What can you do if the child has not come home?

Those affected can get help on the free telephone number 116000 – both parents and caregivers who are missing a child, as well as children and young people who have run away from home and no longer know what to do. The hotline for missing children is a service provided by Rat auf Draht and SOS Children’s Villages.

How to deal with puberty

The following tips will help you deal with the situation constructively: Remember your own puberty. This helps you to keep calm and promotes your sense of humor. Listen carefully when your daughter is talking and take her feelings seriously.

What must the parents do for the children?

The rights and obligations of parents are basically described in the German Civil Code (BGB): “Parents have the obligation and the right to care for the minor child. Parental custody includes care for the child (personal custody) and the child’s property (property custody).

How long do parents have to support their adult children?

Parents have to pay maintenance for their adult children until they have completed their first vocational training. If your adult child regularly earns extra money alongside school or studies, you have to pay less. Your child’s own income also counts: scholarships, student loans, child benefit.

How long am I responsible for my children?

From the child’s 18th birthday, according to § 1612 BGB, the parents no longer only owe maintenance in kind, but basically, as part of their maintenance obligation, the payment of a cash pension.

Are parents responsible for their adult children?

Parents are normally responsible for maintaining their adult children and adult children towards their parents, but since January 1st, 2020 only from an annual income of more than €100,000. Siblings among themselves, grandchildren, grandparents and persons related by marriage are not liable for maintenance.

How long are parents dependent 25?

How long does alimony have to be paid? Child maintenance is to be paid as long as the children are still in vocational training and are therefore not yet able to stand on their own two feet economically. Maintenance does not end when the child reaches the age of majority, nor does it end when the child turns 25: From the age of 25

How long do I have to pay maintenance for my child?

Basically, there is child support only until the end of the apprenticeship. In the event of a claim beyond this, the deductible of the maintenance debtor may increase.

When can the father reduce child support?

A reduction in child support is possible in the event of a longer stay of several months with the parent who is responsible for maintenance. This can be the case, for example, if the parent with custody is unable to care for the child due to illness.

Does my child’s training allowance count toward maintenance?

If your parents are both dependent, half of your training allowance will be credited to each. However, your remuneration will be adjusted for additional training-related requirements. You can prove this specifically. Or a lump sum is deducted.

How is apprenticeship allowance counted toward maintenance?

Income. With the exception of 90 euros (for work-related expenses such as travel expenses, books), the training allowance is fully deducted from the maintenance. If a dependent child has a training allowance of 300 euros, 210 euros are taken into account as income.

How is the child’s income counted toward child support?

The child’s income must therefore be offset against the maintenance of both parents, not just the maintenance of the paying parent. In other words: both parents are entitled to half of the child’s eligible income. This is irrelevant for the father’s maintenance obligation.

How is child support calculated when child is in education?

In principle, the child must have his training salary, less work-related expenses, offset against his needs. The apprenticeship salary or training allowance reduces the maintenance claim of the child in training.

How does maintenance change when the child is in training?

100 euros of a training allowance are not taken into account. The rest will be counted. If the apprentice has a part-time job in addition to his training, half of the net income is to be offset against his maintenance needs.

How do you calculate child support?

The calculation of child support is based on the net income of the person responsible for maintenance as well as on the number of children and their age. As a rule, child support is calculated on the basis of the Düsseldorf table. This also guarantees the deductible of the maintenance debtor.

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