What can you do in a gap year?

What can you do in a gap year?

14 ideas for your gap year world trip. Of course, stays abroad are at the top when it comes to a break from everyday life! Work and Travel. language trip. Internship. Continuing education. Embark on an adventure. research project. Work with animals.More entries…•

What exactly is a gap year?

A gap year is a break that you usually take between two stages in your life, for example after you graduate from high school or after completing your studies. Either way, a gap year has many advantages: You use the time for the things that are important to you for a year.

How much does a gap year cost?

The costs depend on your gap year plans. These are usually between 200 and 400 euros per month. During a voluntary service (Federal Voluntary Service, FSJ and FSJ Kultur/Voluntary Ecological Year), you will receive a small amount of pocket money as well as board and lodging for free.

What does secondary school leaving certificate after class 9 mean?

Pupils who have particularly good grades and have completed an extension course with at least satisfactory results can attend class 10 type B. …

How many 5’s can you have for the Hauptschule certificate?

In Bavaria this is called Quabi, in many other federal states this degree is known as the 9+3 model. However, the prerequisite is that you have an average of at least 2.5 in the final certificate from the responsible body (e.g. Chamber of Industry and Commerce or Chamber of Crafts).

Which professions with a secondary school leaving certificate after class 9?

Top 10 professions with a secondary school leaving certificatePainter and varnisher.Specialist salesman in the food trade.Building cleaner.Butcher.Baker.Plumber.Bricklayer.Vehicle varnisher.

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