What can you do with a nurse’s training?

What can you do with a nurse’s training?

For example, the following further training or qualifications are possible for nurses: Specialist nurses or work with dementia patients. Palliative care attendant – terminal care. Further training in pain therapy, further training in wound management. Health education.

What is a nurse allowed to do?

Nursing specialist (m/f/d) Nursing specialists are the first point of contact for patients. They provide care for those in need, assist with therapies and examinations, mediate between patients and doctors and take on important administrative tasks in care facilities, hospitals and old people’s homes.

How much does a Nursing Assistant make?

Nursing specialist HF / Nursing specialist HF The salary for nursing specialists in hospitals and clinics is: Diploma level 1: CHF 5,301 per month. Diploma level 2: CHF 5,600.15 per month. Diploma level 2 with additional training: CHF 5,931.70 per month.

How much does a Health Specialist make?

How much does a healthcare professional earn in Switzerland. As a healthcare professional, you earn between CHF 42,000 and CHF 78,000 gross per year.

How much does a Nursing Assistant make?

The average starting salary as a nursing assistant is around €1,900 gross per month. With 4-9 years of experience, the gross wage for a nursing assistant increases to around €2,150, while a nursing assistant with more than 10 years of professional experience can expect to earn around €2,400.

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