What can you do with a pharmacy degree?

What can you do with a pharmacy degree?

You can also take a completely different path with your pharmacy degree and, for example, advise large companies on pharmaceutical issues or work as a journalist. Some of the careers you can pursue after a Pharmacy degree include: Forensic Pharmacist. Toxicologist.

What subjects do you need for a pharmacy degree?

In the pharmacy degree, you will deal with topics from chemistry, mathematics, physics and biology. You will learn pharmaceutical medical terminology and deal with different forms of medicines. You will also complete your clinical traineeship, a special internship that lasts four weeks twice.

What can you do in the pharmacy?

Pharmacists sell medicines, medical products and care products and sometimes produce them themselves. They advise on taking and using the medication and explain the risks and side effects.

What is a public pharmacy?

The public pharmacy is the first point of contact for all health-related questions and today offers a wide range of services ranging from travel vaccination advice to the production of individual ointments and creams to blood tests.

What can be sold in the pharmacy?

In general: Pharmacies are allowed to offer these goods – test equipment, chemicals, reagents, laboratory supplies, pesticides and plant protection products and products for breeding animals. Only if the products from the “Beauty & Care” category fall within the scope of these goods may they be offered in pharmacies.

What does the pharmacy symbol mean?

The caduceus is a symbol of medicine. The Staff of Asculapius gets its name from Asclepius, the god of medicine in Greek mythology. During his lifetime, Aesculapius is said to have always had an Aesculapian snake with him on his way to the sick, which coiled around his walking stick.

Why is the snake the symbol of medicine?

The snake is undoubtedly the stronger symbol, it symbolizes the virtues of the doctor and the advantages of medicine: for rejuvenation through skinning, for mildness – they were tame snakes that were the model and were also worshiped in the temple – for perspicacity, Vigilance and for healing power, because from …

Who owns B Braun?

Todays situation. In the 2019 financial year, annual sales amounted to 7.471 billion euros. The company employs 64,585 people in 64 countries and is owned by the founding family. The headquarters are in Melsungen, North Hesse, and the CEO is Anna Maria Braun.

What does the god Hermes look like?

Depiction. The Greeks usually depicted Hermes as youthful and beardless, with a wide-brimmed hat (Petasos), later a winged helmet, winged shoes or winged shoulders and the magical golden Caduceus (Greek Kerykeion, Latin Caduceus).

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