What can you put in the footer?

What can you put in the footer?

For example, the footer text can briefly name the author and title of the work, the paragraph number and title of the opened chapter or the page numbering and the title of the opened section.

How do you make a footer?

Insert a header or footer Choose Insert > Header or Footer. Select the header format you want to use. You can add or change text for the header or footer. Click Close Header & Footer or press Esc to exit the item.

What are footnotes used for?

You have to put a footnote if you take over content from the literature in the continuous text, either literally or analogously. Even if you mention the name of an author, you must put a footnote (example: Fritz Müller recently explained that + footnote!).

How do I quote from internet sources?

Therefore, when citing Internet sources, you must always state the URL and the date of access. While you give a short reference to the respective internet source in the text, the bibliography contains the complete source.

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